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11 – 20 – 400,000: an impressive performance after three years in Bremen ...

Muhamed Kudic is a passionate researcher in the field of innovation networks. And he himself is a brilliant networker who seeks scientific cooperation and exchange - how else can you explain his impressive balance after only three years of scientific work at the University of Bremen?

11 publications 20 scientific lectures 400.000 euros in third-party funding for three research projects establishment of the nationwide INNcentive programme for the promotion of young scientists pioneer and active founding member of the experimental and policy lab "BreLAB" in the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics establishment of the cooperation with BRIDGE for start-up research at Bremen universities supervision of three doctoral theses in the working group annual organisation of the international EAEPE "Networks" workshop in Bremen, Budapest and Stuttgart Organisation of the large international Heilbronn Symposium 2017 with the Dieter Schwarz Foundation admission as member of the Committee for Evolutionary Economics of the Verein für Socialpolitik coordination of the Research Area "Networks" in the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) new conception and implementation of the lecture "Microeconomics" in Bremen establishment of new master courses in the main subject "Innovation Economics" international lecturer activity in microeconomics at the Turkish-German University in Istanbul.

The working group has benefited in many ways from Muhamed Kudic's collaboration and strongly regrets his departure. From 01 January 2020, Muhamed Kudic will head the Kompetenzzentrum Mittelstand 4.0 at the University of Siegen with 25 employees and continue his successful research.  We are grateful for our time together in Bremen and look forward to further cooperation.

Dr. Muhamed Kudic