[Translate to English:] EAEPE Workshop on “The Role of Innovation Networks for Sustainable Economic Development” completed

On November 30 and December 01, 2017, the third EAEPE Workshop on “Networks” took place at the University of Bremen, jointly organized by the working group of Jutta Günther from the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics and the University of Greifswald, working group of Daniel Schiller.

The interdisciplinary workshop covered a variety of topics related to innovation networks and sustainability from an economic and management as well as geographic and engineering perspective. About 30 participants from a number of European countries took place in the event. The papers dealt from a theoretical or empirical point of view with the identification and measurement of sustainable technologies, the meaning of clean tech networks for sustainable regional development, challenges for policy makers, and technical aspects of the energy transition. Important questions that were raised during the workshop and call for further research are: “How clean is clean tech?” and “What are the negative impacts of networks?”.

The workshop series on “Networks” is organised within the scientific activities of the European Association of Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE). Muhamed Kudic, a leading researcher within the working group at the University of Bremen, serves as a coordinator of the research area “Networks” within the EAEPE. The annual workshops on “Networks” cover theoretical and empirical research and focus on a particular topic each year. In the year 2017, the focus was on the meaning of innovation networks for sustainable economic growth.


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