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Successfully held event: "Dance with the volcano - the East German shipyards and the Bremen Vulkan Company".

The shipbuilding expert and former Bremen State Councilor of the Department of Economics and Ports spoke to more than 70 participants at the lecture event "Dance with the volcano - the East German shipyards and the Bremen volcano" on January 28, 2021. Previously, the Weser Kurier reported: Bremer Vulkan - "Money has been enough".

It is a story that is still controversial today: The Bremen ship building company “Vulkan” participated prominently in the privatization process in East Germany with the support of EU funds. The then CEO Friedrich Hennemann was thus able to realize his vision of a large maritime group. In addition to the GDR shipyards in Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund, several West German companies were also on the shopping list. The Bremen Vulkan went bankrupt in 1996, 25 years ago, causing a drastic structural crisis for the regions affected. Many disappointed people stood outside the shipyard gates in both East and West. Committees of inquiry at the federal and state levels dealt with the Vulkan case.  The legal disputes ended with a settlement in 2010. The structural economic challenges persist.

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Herr Dr. Heseler und Herr Borchardt im Zoom