Tobias Wendler successfully completed his doctorate

With his dissertation on "Green Technologies and their Role for Sustainability" and a successful colloquium in March 2020, Tobias Wendler was awarded his doctorate and recently received his doctorate certificate.

In his cumulative dissertation Tobias Wendler deals with the effects of environmental innovations on the reduction of greenhouse gases and the conservation of natural resources in the countries of the European Union. He places the four empirical papers in an interdisciplinary context, which is fed by natural, environmental and social science considerations on sustainability. With a focus on green technologies and natural resources, his work makes an important contribution to empirical innovation economics.

Tobias Wendler joined the research group in October 2016 as a research assistant. Since then he has specialized in the areas of sustainability, environmental innovations and natural resources. Together with Jutta Günther as well as Torben Stührmann and Christian Schnülle from the Faculty of Production Engineering, he initiated a three-year project on the future of energy supply in the steel industry (H2B) from the Bremer Aufbaubank. At the same time, he is working in close cooperation with Johanna Myrzik in the Faculty of Physics and Electrical Engineering to establish the Bremen Research Centre for Energy Systems (BEST).

We congratulate Tobias Wendler very warmly and look forward to further cooperation!

Tobias Wendler