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Jessica Birkholz, Ann Hipp, Muhamed Kudic, and Mariia Shkolnykova at the EAEPE Conference 2019 in Warsaw

From 12 to 14 September 2019, the international conference of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) took place in Warsaw. Jessica Birkholz, Ann Hipp, Muhamed Kudic and Mariia Shkolnykova took part as representatives of the University of Bremen and presented their current research work.

This year's conference was dedicated to the question "30 years after the fall of the Berlin wall - What happened to Europe/Where does Europe stand today? What is new in economics?“ and was composed of an international and interdisciplinary audience. The conference was hosted by the Warsaw School of Economics.

Muhamed Kudic presented a research paper written with Michael Fritsch on the topic "Co-Existence of Macro Stability and Micro Fluidity of Inventor Networks". The paper deals with the relationship between the comparatively stable macro- and unstable microstructures of inventor networks in the lorry industry in Germany since the 1960s.

Ann Hipp gave two lectures: First, she presented the research paper "Lack of Modernization Investment in the GDR and its Long-Term Impact on the Persistent Productivity Gap Between East and West Germany" (co-authors: Jutta Günther and Udo Ludwig). In a special session on "Breaking Walls" Ann Hipp gave a presentation on "Breaking the Invisible Wall Between East and West Germany: The Importance of R&D and Innovation". The presentations presented the first results of the joint project Mod-Block-DDR.

Jessica Birkholz presented a research paper on "The Role of Entrepreneurial Exploration and Exploitation for the Transformation of Knowledge Bases", which is part of her cumulative dissertation. In this paper she examines the role of regional characteristics in the absorption of knowledge.

Mariia Shkolnykova also gave a lecture on "Who Shapes Green Biotechnology in Germany? Joint Analysis of the Evolution of Co-Authors' and Co-Inventors' Networks". This paper, which is also part of her cumulative dissertation, examines the co-evolution of patent and publication networks using the example of German biotechnology.

Jessica Birkholz, Ann Hipp and Mariia Shkolnykova received a travel grant from EAEPE to co-finance their participation in the conference on the basis of their applications.