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Jessica Birkholz with a YUFE mobility award at Maastricht University

From August 23 to September 24, 2021, Jessica Birkholz, research associate and PhD student in the research group "Innovation and Structural Change", completed a research stay at the Department of Organisation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Maastricht University.

During her stay, she gave a presentation on the research paper "Do not judge a business idea by its cover: A machine learning approach to retrieve the impact of business idea content on incorporation probabilities of innovative and non-innovative businesses", at a research seminar of the department. Furthermore, Jessica Birkholz used the stay in Maastricht to discuss and further develop her dissertation project research with several colleagues from Maastricht University. In addition to the research work, Jessica Birkholz also used the research stay to get to know the teaching concept of problem-based learning and to discuss it with colleagues.
The research stay was funded on a competitive basis by the funding line "YUFE Mobility Award" of the University of Bremen. YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) is a network of young, innovative universities in Europe where the University of Bremen and Maastricht University are members.

Jessica Birkholz