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Jutta Günther on the BMBF Selection Committee for the Promotion of Projects in MENA Countries

Based on the call for proposals to support "Projects to strengthen the innovation-relevant framework conditions in MENA countries", the selection committee met at the BMBF in Bonn on 28 November 2019. Jutta Günther participated as a member of the commission in order to submit proposals for the projects to be funded to the BMBF.


The German government's objective vis-à-vis North Africa and the Middle East is to work with local actors to promote economic and political stability in order to improve living and working conditions for local people in the long term. The MENA countries (Middle East & North Africa) are part of the BMBF's Africa Strategy presented in 2018.

The aim of the Commission meeting was to select the most promising project alliances for funding in the main phase, which can last up to three years, from the projects that have already successfully completed a one-year preparatory phase and presented a viable implementation concept. The aim of the collaborative projects is to improve the governance of research and innovation and the interface between science and industry in the MENA countries. Research teams from Germany and the MENA countries are to carry out theoretically sound, applied research with practice-relevant content. In line with the selection criteria, the Commission has drawn up a ranking from the applications submitted, which will serve as a basis for the BMBF's further decisions.

Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther