[Translate to English:] Jutta Günther presented at a scientific workshop in Berlin (ZEW & Stifterverband)

On January 29-30, 2018, the ZEW (Centre for European Economic Research) together with the German Stifterverband organised a scientific workshop in Berlin to discuss the ongoing and challenging problems of the productivity slowdown in the light of innovation economics.

The workshop brought together a large number of scientific experts in the field to present on selected topics related to the productivity slowdown phenomenon. Jutta Günther was invited to present empirical findings on regional innovation disparities in Germany and its implications for innovation policy. The two days event, which took place in the Allianz Forum in Berlin, attracted participants from science, policy, and industry and offered a platform for exchange and fresh ideas. A policy report summarizing the insights has just been published through the ZEW.

Further information

Background: In Germany, official research and innovation statistics for the German economy are collected annually by the ZEW and the statistics unit of the German Stifterverband. Jutta Günther is a member of the scientific advisory board of the statistical unit (Wissenschaftsstatistik) within the German Stifterverband and supports the further development of the national R&D survey. In her working group at the University of Bremen, research and innovation indicators play an important role as a subject of her research projects.