Katharina Friz - Doctorate successfully completed

On April 22, 2022, Katharina Friz successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Transition economies and the impact of crises" and was thus awarded her doctorate. In her cumulative dissertation thesis she deals with the economic and social impact of crises in post-socialist countries in three empirical studies. She has published her findings in the journal "Eurasian Business Review" and in the discussion paper series "Bremen Papers on Economics & Innovation" of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy (IERP).

Katharina Friz studied at the University of Bremen (B. Sc.) before she joined the working group as a research assistant in March 2018. She enriched the work of the working group in various capacities, including her work in the BMBF project "Network and Output Measurement - Indicators for transformative technology fields - NEO-Indikatorik".

Since February 2022, Katharina Friz continues her academic career at the Management School of Maastricht. 

We congratulate Katharina Friz very warmly on her excellent doctorate, look forward to future collaborations and wish her continued scientific successes!

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