Matheus Leusin - Doctorate successfully completed

On June 17, 2022, Matheus Leusin defended his dissertation entitled "Technological Change and Absorptive Capacity: An Evolutionary Perspective of Artificial Intelligence" with great success and was awarded his doctorate. In his cumulative dissertation thesis, he deals in three empirical studies with the worldwide emergence and diffusion of technologies linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI). The thesis provides a comprehensive overview of the technological development of AI, how this development was reflected on countries’ exploration of this technology, and how the most recent wave of AI development affects the innovative activities of firms that introduce AI innovations. He has published his results in the journal "World Patent Information", among others.

Matheus Leusin studied at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil (M. Sc.) before joining the research group as a research associate in November 2018. He enriched the work of the research group in various capacities, including his work in teaching and thesis supervision. He was also a member of the Diginomics Research Group

As of August 2022, Matheus Leusin will continue his scientific career as a postdoctoral researcher in the Evolutionary Economics working group at the University of Bremen. Under the supervision of ChristianCordes he will also pursue an habilitation.

We congratulate Matheus Leusin very warmly on his excellent doctorate, look forward to future collaboration and wish him many more scientific successes!