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Muhamed Kudic and Jessica Birkholz: Final presentation of the project "VISIBLE 2.0"

Muhamed Kudic and Jessica Birkholz (University of Bremen) together with their cooperation partners Andreas Pyka and Matthias Müller (University of Hohenheim) presented the results of the research project "VISIBLE 2.0 - Virtual Simulation Laboratory for Investments in Knowledge and Education" to the Dieter Schwarz Foundation on 18.11.2019 in Stuttgart.

In the project, the innovation system of the Heilbronn Franken region was mapped in a virtual simulation environment in order to subsequently analyse the effects of systemic interventions in greater depth. The research focus of the VISIBLE 2.0 project was on business start-up processes and their significance for regional knowledge and learning processes. The project was funded for two years (2018-2019) by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. The findings were presented at numerous conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals such as Regional Studies and Journal of Economic Interation and Coordination.