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Tobias Wendler receives the CAMPUS PREIS of the Kellner & Stoll Foundation

For his dissertation on "Green Technologies and their Role for Sustainability" Tobias Wendler received the "CAMPUS PREIS: Research for a Sustainable Future" of the Kellner & Stoll Foundation on April 15, 2021. The "CAMPUS PREIS" honors the best dissertations at the University of Bremen on issues related to the sustainable use of resources, the protection of the environment, the climate and the oceans. 

Tobias Wendler's dissertation deals with the effects of environmental innovations on the reduction of greenhouse gases and the conservation of natural resources. The starting point of his work is natural, environmental and social science considerations of sustainability. With its focus on green technologies and natural resources, his work makes an important contribution to empirical innovation research. Particularly noteworthy is the successful combination of interdisciplinary thinking, innovative data work, methodological ambition, and economic and environmental policy impact.

We are very pleased and congratulate Tobias very warmly for the CAMPUS PRIZE!

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