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Four Presentations at the EAEPE Conference 2021

The 33rd Annual EAEPE Conference (European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy | took place as an online event from September 02-04, 2021. The theme of the conference was „Recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic: Re-thinking the role of the State towards safe, cohesive, sustainable, and innovative economies. The event was organized by Parthenope University of Naples. The working group presented four papers.

Katharina Friz presented her work on "A question of regulation or motivation? Green innovation activities in transition economies", in which the environmental innovation behaviour of companies in the transition countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia is compared to innovation activities without an environmental focus. This paper is a part of her cumulative dissertation project.

Ann Hipp has presented a paper on “The impact of informal institutions on firm innovation in German regions”, which is a joint work with Thore-Sören Bischoff und Petrik Runst (ifh Göttingen). The paper shows how trust between people in German regions affects the innovativeness of firms.

Mariia Shkolnykova presented the paper on the topic "On the Way from Invention to Innovation: The Role of Joint Patents and Co-Applicants' Characteristics". The aim of the paper is to estimate the importance of applicants' and inventors' team characteristics on the success of subsequent innovation.

Patrick Wolf presented the paper “The early and the late birds: propensity and speed of regions to initiate R&D activities towards e-mobility ". The study uses an event-time analysis to investigate which technology-, knowledge-, geography- and network-related factors accelerate the initiation of research activities in the field of electromobility at the regional level. The paper is a part of his cumulative dissertation project.

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