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Four paper presentations at the international EAEPE conference

The 32nd international conference of the European Association of Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) took place from September 02 - 04 as an online event. Our research group was represented with four presentations - Jessica Birkholz, Mariia Shkolnykova, Philip Kerner and Tobias Wendler presented their current research projects.

This year's open topic conference offered the opportunity to discuss research results in front of a broad audience of international experts with various specializations.

Jessica Birkholz presented her research work on regional entrepreneurship culture and its influence on start-up activities and Mariia Shkolnykova discussed the results of her research project on the diffusion of radical innovations of biotechnology SMEs. Philip Kerner presented a research project in cooperation with Tobias Wendler and Martin Kalthaus (Friedrich Schiller University Jena) on the influence of institutional quality on the resource productivity of economies. Tobias Wendler presented a research paper written in cooperation with Daniel Töbelmann and Jutta Günther on the impact of green technologies on the use of natural resources in the countries of the European Union.

All in all, despite the still unfamiliar online format, a positive overall assessment of the conference can be drawn. Further information on the EAEPE conference can be found at