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Dr. Ann Hipp

Ann Hipp

Scientific employee (habilitation candidate)


Max-von-Laue-Straße 1
28359 Bremen
Building WIWI 2, Room F 2120

Phone: +49 (0)421 218-66640


  • Innovation systems and policies
  • Industry dynamics and innovation
  • Knowledge and technology transfer

ORCID profile:



Dr. Ann Hipp currently holds a position as research assistant (Postdoc) in the research group “Economics of Innovation and Structural Change” (Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther) at the University of Bremen. She is leading sub-project 1 in Mod-Block-DDR and the DFG Network “The Dynamics of Innovation Systems”. In addition, she is elected representative of the scientific employees of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics.

Since 2016 she was a research fellow of the Graduate Academy at TU Dresden and worked as research assistant (PhD candidate) in the Junior Research Group Knowledge and Technology Transfer. She engaged in teaching in the areas of innovation systems, firm and regional analysis, and quantitative methods. In her dissertation, she investigates the influence of innovation activities and policy support on industry dynamics using the case of the solar photovoltaics industry.

Her work is published in international leading-edge journals such as Research Policy and rewarded by Stifterverband, MEXT Japan and VW Foundation. She was a guest researcher at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo and ETH Zurich and frequently presents her work at renowned conferences such as the DRUID, EAEPE and International Schumpeter Society.

She graduated in Economics at TU Dresden and TU Chemnitz and visited Audencia School of Management and Lappeenranta University of Technology in the scope of the Erasmus Exchange Program.

Academic education and degrees


Research associate (Postdoc)
University of Bremen
Chair of Economics of Innovation and Structural Change


Visiting scholar
ETH Zurich - Eawag
Department Environmental Social Sciences

01.2018 – 05.2018  

Visiting scholar
Hitotsubashi University Tokyo
Graduate School of Economics

09.2016 – 05.2019    

Research associate (PhD Candidate)
TU Dresden
Research Group Knowledge and Technology Transfer 

08.2015 – 08.2016    

Research associate
University of Mannheim
Chair of Marketing and Innovation

03. – 04.2014    

ifo Institute for Economic Research

08. – 10.2013  

Research assistant
Dresden Leibnitz Graduate School

05.2013 – 09.2014    Student assistant
TU Dresden
Research Group InnoTech4Health

04. – 07.2011    

TU Chemnitz
Chair of Organization

09.2010 – 08.2011    

Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH)
Innovation and Structural Change



2022 - 2024

DFG Network "The Dynamics of Innovation Systems: Perspectives, Influences and Operationalization" (Lead)

Project partners: ifh Göttingen, TU Braunschweig, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Project website

06.2019 - 11.2022

Obstacles to Modernization in the Economy and Science of the GDR (Mod-Block-DDR)

Project partners: Friedrich Schiller University Jena, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Technical University Berlin

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Project website



Estimating hazard models (University College London, PhD)

2019 - 2021How a socialist economy transforms into a market system (University of Bremen)

2018 - 2019 

Globalization and Innovation (TU Dresden)


Quantitative Methods (TU Dresden)

2017 - 2018

Firm and Regional Analysis (TU Dresden)

2017 - 2018

Scientific and Practical Working (TU Dresden)

2015 - 2016 

Marketing in Specific Industry Contexts (University of Mannheim)


Intercultural Communication and Cooperation (TU Chemnitz)



Bischoff, T. S.; Hipp, A.; Runst, P. (2022). Firm innovation and generalized trust as a regional resource. ifh Working Paper 32/2022, Göttingen.
Hipp, A.; Ludwig, U.; Günther, J. (2021). Unable to innovate or just bad circumstances? Comparing a state-led and market-based innovation system in Germany. Bremen Papers on Economics & Innovation #2111, Bremen. DOI:
Hipp, A. (2021). R&D collaborations along the industry life cycle: the case of German photovoltaics manufacturer. Industrial and Corporate Change 30 (3), 564-586. DOI:
Günther, J.; Hipp, A.; Ludwig, U. (2020). Universalien der Innovation - Erfindertum und technischer Fortschritt in der DDR und dessen Rolle nach 1990. Universität Bremen. DOI:
Hipp, A.; Kalthaus, M. (2020). Innovative activities and firm survival during the life cycle of the German photovoltaics industry. Academy of Management Proceedings 2020 ( 1), 22032, Academy of Management, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510. DOI:
Hipp, A.; Binz, C. (2020). Firm survival in complex value chains and global innovation systems: Evidence from solar photovoltaics. Research Policy 49 (1), 103876. DOI:

Books and Chapters

Hipp, A.; Ludwig, U.; Günther, J. (2022). Und sie wirkten doch: Patente und Produktivität in der DDR, in: Flade, F.; Steinkamp, A.; Walerski, K. (Eds): Transformation in Polen und Ostdeutschland: Neue Einblicke in die Debatte über eine gespaltene Wirtschaft, Interdisciplinary Polish Studies, Frankfurt/Oder, forthcoming.
Hipp, A. (2020). Innovation activities, policy support and the industry life cycle: The case of solar photovoltaics. Dissertation. TU Dresden, Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaften.


Hipp, Ann; Fritsch, Michael; Greve, Maria; Günther, Jutta; Lange, Marcel; Liutik, Christian; Pfeifer, Beate; Shkolnykova, Mariia; Wyrwich, Michael (2022). Patentdaten der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik (DDR) (1949-1990). GESIS, Köln. Datenfile Version 1.0.0,

Work in Progress

Hipp, A.; Kalthaus, M. Innovative activities and firm survival during the life cycle of the German photovoltaics industry (revise and resubmit)
Bischoff, T. S.; Hipp, A.; Runst, P. Firm innovation and generalized trust as a regional resource (under review)
Hipp, A.; Ludwig, U.; Günther, J. Able to innovate but outpaced - Comparing a state-led and market-based innovation system in Germany (submitted)
Hipp, A.; Kalthaus, M. Windows of opportunity: Firm entry decisions into value chain positions (in progress)
Hipp, A.; Kohlisch, E. Policy and digitalization in German regions (in progress)
Hipp, A.; Kremer, A. Uncertainty and regional innovation (in progress)
Hipp, A.; Medase, K. Patents and productivity in the GDR (in progress)
Wyrwich, M.; Hipp, A.; Greve, M.; Fritsch, M. Erich and the chip funds: The industrial legacy of socialist large-scale investment in microelectronics (in progress)