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Presentations, Hearings and Podium Discussions


Jutta Günther: "Science Communication"

On December 12, 2019, Jutta Günther gave a keynote speech on "Science Communication" as part of a workshop at the event "The GDR - Perspectives on Its Exploration 30 Years After the Peaceful Revolution" in Leipzig, organized by the BMBF. The event brought together all the collaborative projects supported by the "GDR Research" funding line and served to promote scientific and transfer-oriented exchange.

Muhamed Kudic: "VISIBLE 2.0 - Virtual Simulation Lab for Investment in Knowledge and Education"

On 18.11.2019 Muhamed Kudic presented the results of the research project "VISIBLE 2.0" at the Dieter Schwarz Foundation together with Jessica Birkholz (University of Bremen) and his cooperation partners of the University of Hohnenheim (Andreas Pyka and Matthias Müller). In the project, the effects of investments in knowledge and learning processes were analysed in a virtual environment with a view to start-ups, established companies and regions. The project was funded for two years (2018-2019) by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.


Jutta Günther: Panel Discussion on the Future of Economics

On November 11, 2019, an event was organized by the working group "Sustainable Management" of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics, which focused on the book "This is not Economy" written by Christian Felber. After an introduction by the author, a panel discussion took place with the participation of a large audience. Jutta Günther discussed the future of economics in research and teaching with the panel participants and the audience.

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Muhamed Kudic: "Network and Output Measurement - Indicators for Transformative Technology Fields"

On 10 October 2019, a conference was held at the newly opened FUTURIUM in Berlin's government district to present the indicator projects funded by the BMBF. The event, which was attended by numerous guests, served to discuss forward-looking data and indicator projects for innovation research and policy. Muhamed Kudic presented the findings of the BMBF-funded project "Neo-Indicatorik". The central task of the project is to trace the analysis unit "company" over time along all structural events (e.g. takeover, split-up, bankruptcy) and to add further company information such as turnover, employees, sector, patents, location, etc. In this way, the "life stories" of the companies so far documented only statically are reconstructed. The method is applied in the context of the Neo-Indicatorik project using the example of German electromobility and can in future be applied to other sectors, fields of technology or entire countries.

Jutta Günther: Hearing at the Commission of Experts on Research and Innovation (EFI) in Berlin

On 9 October 2019, in preparation for its next annual report (2020), the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation conducted a hearing of experts on the East German innovation system and the technological performance in the New Länder. They also discussed the future shape of funding at the interface of innovation, regional and structural policy. In addition to representatives of the federal ministries (BMWi and BMBF), Jutta Günther was invited as a scientific member of the expert panel.

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Jutta Günther and Martin Jänicke: „Governance of innovation processes“

On the occasion of the ITAFORUM 2019 of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Berlin on the 15th of february 2019 Jutta Günther and Martin Jänicke held a presentation entitled „Governance of innovation processes“ and participated in a panel discussion of the same name.

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Jarina Kühn: "Lebenslanges Lernen bei fortschreitender Technologisierung – Bedeutung wachsender Qualifizierungsanforderungen für ältere Beschäftigte“

On the 19th of february Jarina Kühn held a presentation in the Mercedes Benz factory in Bremen about the perception of training processes from the point of view of older employees. On this date Jarina Kühn presented the results of her very successfully completed master thesis to the employees of the factory. 


Jutta Günther: "Economic Policy Advice"

On 05 and 06 September 2019 the first Summer School of the Network for Education and Counselling (NÖBB) for Policy Advice took place at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. During the Summer School, Jutta Günther spoke about the actors, committees and structures of economic policy advice in Germany and presented practical examples of economic policy advice.

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Jutta Günther: „Regional innovation disparities in Germany and its implications for innovation policy“

On the ocasion of the Symposium on the subject „Das Produktivitätsparadox aus innovationsökonomischer Perspektive – Diagnose, Ursachen und Therapieansätze“ in Berlin on the 30th of january 2018 Jutta Günther held a presentation entitled „Regional innovation disparities in Germany and its implications for innovation policy“.

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Björn Jindra: „Innovation in Schwellenländern -Analyse von Innovationsprozessen in Schwellenländern unter Einbeziehung einer Folgenabschätzung für traditionelle Innovationsstandorte in Deutschland und Europa“

On the occasion of the meeting „ITA Learning Lunch: Globale Innovationspfade“ at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in Berlin on the 28th of september 2018 Björn Jindra held a presentation entitled „Innovation in Schwellenländern -Analyse von Innovationsprozessen in Schwellenländern unter Einbeziehung einer Folgenabschätzung für traditionelle Innovationsstandorte in Deutschland und Europa“

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Björn Jindra: Invitation as an expert on questions of measuring international research and innovation processes

On 27 November 2018 Björn Jindra accepted an invitation to participate in the expert workshop "Europe in the global network of knowledge-intensive foreign investments and trade". Based on his current research work, he presented various possibilities for measuring global research and innovation. The topic of the expert workshop is entrusted to the European Commission, Directorate-General "Research and Innovation", which is continuously developing the instruments for measuring global knowledge generation. The expert workshop was organised by the Joint Research Centre Ispra and took place in Rome.


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Jutta Günther: Participant in a panel discussion on the social and economic consequences of a Biology 2.0

Following the movie premiere "Biology 2.0 - When Biology Becomes Synthetic" in Bremen on the 2nd of november 2017 Jutta Günther participated in a panel discussion on the social and economic consequences of a Biology 2.0.

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Björn Jindra: “Innovations in emerging countries”

On the occasion of the ITAFORUM 2017 of the Federal Ministry of Eduation and Research in Berlin on 05th of october 2017 Björn Jindra held a presentation entitled “Innovations in emerging countries”.

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Jutta Günther: “How to evaluate science – Experiences from the Leibniz Association”

On the occasion of the workshop “Eval-Science” at the National Aademy of Siences of Ukraine in Kiev on the 06th of december 2017 Jutta Günther held an presentation entitled “How to evaluate science – Experiences from the Leibniz Association”.

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Jutta Günther: "Corporate Innovation and Innovation Policy"

Presentation at the Bank of Georgia University in Tbilisi/Georgien on the 03rd of october 2016 entitled "Corporate Innovation and Innovation Policy".


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Jutta Günther: „Gemeinsam statt einsam: Innovationskooperationen in Ost- und Westdeutschland“

Jutta Günther gave a lecture on the occasion of the anniversary "25 Years Project Management Jülich in Berlin" on 18 November 2015 entitled "Together instead of alone: Innovation cooperation in East and West Germany". The lecture was at the same time the ceremonial speech in front of more than 360 guests from politics, economy and science.

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Jutta Günther: "Innovations in East and West Germany"

Presentation at the "Haus der Wissenschaft Bremen/unifreunde e.V." on the 16th of april 2015 entitled "Innovations in East and West Germany".