A chatbot for climate protection

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Since October 2019, our doctoral student Kirsten Hillebrand has been dedicated to the founding and development of a company. The mission of the social start-up is to harness big data and advances in AI technology for one of the most pressing issues of our time: climate protection.

The B2B product includes concept and technical infrastructure for CO2 reduction competitions in companies. In the challenges, teams (e.g. departments or locations) compete against each other in everyday office life for several weeks. In the disciplines of mobility, nutrition and resources, CO2 can be saved and various incentives released. These include team events, canteen vouchers and company donations for social projects. The customer benefits from resource and cost savings as well as a positive employer image in times of "war for talent".

KARL, the eco-bot, moderates and explains the CO2 challenges.

KARL is a so-called chatbot, that means - simplifying - software that enables its users to chat with it via text messages by integrating machine learning algorithms. KARL is available to all participants during the competition: firstly, it sends background information & tips in a humorous way; secondly, a short text message to KARL in the chat is sufficient to document good deeds. The Ökobot automatically calculates the CO2 savings and credits them to the person and the team.

The project was awarded first place within the framework of the nationwide digital.engagiert funding program by Amazon and the Stifterband and is nominated for the Deutscher Engagementpreis 2019.

If you have any questions or are interested in the product, please contact Kirsten Hillebrand: kirstenprotect me ?!klimakarlprotect me ?!.de