Questions and answers

Professor Hornuf receives hundreds of e-mails every week, often with very similar questions. For efficiency reasons, some of these questions are answered here.


Question: Is there already a date for the exam / retake exam?

Answer: The dates for the exams / retake exam are set by the Central Examination Office and then published in Pabo. Examination dates are not set by the chair. 

Question: In addition to the regular exam, is there another date for a follow-up exam within the respective semester?

Answer: No. The regular exam takes place in the winter semester. The post-writer exam takes place in the summer semester.

Question: Can you limit the content of the exam / retake exam?

Answer: No. 

Question: I wanted to ask you if the free cash flow model including EBIT and EBITDA is relevant for the exam. Everyone says something different. 

Answer: Up to now there has not been a single course where contents for the exam have been excluded. This will not be the case for the time being. 

Question: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exam has been shortened to 60 minutes. Will the contents of the written exam / retake exam change?

Answer: No. 

Question: Do I have to bring my own concept paper to the exam?

Answer: No. You will be given a concept paper by the supervisor for the exam.

Question: I am not registered for the exam / retest. What can I do?

Answer: Please contact your respective examination office. Exam registrations for the exam are not done by the chair.

Question: Can we use the Excel tool in the exam?

Answer: Only if the task requires it. The Excel tool will then be made available to you.

Question: To how many decimal places should we round the final results?

Answer: The task specifies to how many decimal places you should round the final results.

Question: To how many decimal places should we round the intermediate results?

Answer: If the output requires intermediate steps, please calculate as precisely as possible.

Question: Do you know when the exam will take place or where I can get this information?

Answer: The date for the written examination of the course Financial Management will be fixed in agreement with the ZMML. First of all, all exams must be held at the ZMML before appointments for the written exam can be made. We will announce the date in due time on our chair page. Please check the chair page regularly to make sure you do not miss the date.

Question: Do Ilias questions count for my final grade?

Answer: No.



Question: I would like to write a thesis and conduct a survey?

Answer: Surveys are highly sophisticated methods of analysis. In order to actually obtain findings from a survey, the individual questions must first be validated and tested. Poorly designed surveys in theses often do not lead to any insights and waste the time of the respondents, the questioners and the supervisors. 


Eurex derivatives trader exam

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