Equipment of the IALB

The department has many powerful computers. The used simulation tools are constantly updated to always be in the latest state of the art. For the analysis of devices, finite-element methods (FEM) with simulators like Dessis, Medici and Tesca are used. In collaboration with the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics (ITEM), the development software "Smart Power" is also available. Several different magnetic field simulators and software tools are applicable for the analysis of technical and thermo-mechanical problems in set-up and connection set-up techniques. For circuit and system simulation, programs like PSpice, Eldo, Saber, and Matlab-Simulink are used.


For experimental surveys and practical tests, new techniques and methods are used. The department is equipped with a modern drive lab with computer controlled test stands and the newest measuring equipment. For hard- and software-development of micro controllers, powerful tools exist. Even more measuring equipment is available for the characterization of power components and solar cells.