Time-resolved optical and thermal (micro)characterization

In this laboratory samples, especially semiconductor structures, can be characterized using optical spectroscopy with respect to their optical as well as their thermal properties. A description of the setup and exemplary presentation of the results can be found on this poster.

The methods used in the fully configurable setup include One- and Two-Laser Raman Thermometry in addition to (micro-)photoluminescence (µPL) and Raman spectroscopy. Time-resolved measurements (especially in PL) are also possible, enabling the use of the setup for time-resolved thermal reflectivity (TRTD) measurements in the future.

Optical spectroscopy

In this laboratory samples can be characterized optically; macro-photoluminescence (PL) on larger samples is also possible here.

The setup in this lab can also be used to perform calibration measurements for Raman thermometry, in a cryostat and a heating stage these are possible in the range of 4 K up to 1100 K.

A setup for Two Laser Raman Thermometry is under construction, as well as equipment for thermal characterization using frequency-domain thermoreflectance (FDTR).

Further labs are under renovation.