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How are the FAQs created?

We want to provide comprehensive answers to the questions that have been posed to us in the frame of the FAQs.

The questions often concern regulations that apply to the individual employment relationships. Information on working conditions at the university in light of the coronavirus pandemic are also important.

Not all regulations that you have heard of can immediately be included in the FAQs. For example, in relation to the circulars sent by the senator for finance, it is of utmost importance that the university clarifies how it will implement the regulations prior to publishing. As soon as the issues have been clarified, a form has been created (if applicable), and the working steps have been decided on we can provide you with the information that we believe to be helpful.

We therefore ask for your understanding for the circumstance that the FAQ updates are always published at a slightly later time.

And if you wish to see a particular matter included in the FAQs, we would be pleased to hear your suggestions at corona-schutzprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de. Topics that are suggested repeatedly will be included in the FAQs.

Kirschbaum vor einem Gebäude

General Information

What are the symptoms of coronavirus? General questions regarding coronavirus will be answered here.

Personen bei der Arbeit in einem Seminarraum.

Information for Staff

You can find the current regulations on working and further information and documents for staff here.

Aufmerksame Zuhörer im vollen Hörsaal.

Information for Students

Studying during the corona pandemic – find out more here.

Eine Lehrende spricht vor Zuhörern im vollen Hörsaal.

Information For Teaching Staff

A digital semester – what now? You can find information on online teaching here.

Uni-Logo auf einer Glasscheibe

Changes on Campus

What does emergency operation mode mean for the university? What information is there regarding the Bremen State and University Library and the Mensa cafeteria? These answers to these questions are here.

Eine Frau mit einem Koffer in der Hand geht eine Straße entlang

Changes to Travelling and Staying Abroad

Staying abroad during corona? We have the answers to your questions here.