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Emergency operation mode & building closure

Information on Emergency Operation Mode and Building Closures

FAQs (status on 17.11.20)

In order to reduce the number of Covid-19 infections, it is necessary to restrict human contact. One of the measures is the closure of the universities in the state of Bremen and the possibility to work from home. This decision was made by the senator for science in agreement with the public universities in the state of Bremen.

The building closures with entry controls will continue until March 31, 2021.

How many people are currently allowed to meet in the university buildings?

For events and other meetings in closed rooms up to 100 people are allowed to be present at the same time. In other words, a maximum of 100 people per room may be present at the same time. It is absolutely essential that the prevailing safety and hygiene conditions are observed:

  • distance of at least 1.5 meters
  • obligatory wearing of masks as currently mandated
  • ventilation of rooms
  • cough and sneeze etiquette
  • as far as possible, no sharing of objects
  • sanitizing of table tops

The entryways to the university buildings are open. Entry is supervised by security staff. Staff with access authorization may enter and students must present their student ID, a confirmation of booking for a learning space, or their enrollment/application number. Staff should contact the administration of their working area regarding access authorization. They have been writing the access lists since the beginning of June 2020.
The emergency exits function as usual and are not affected by the closures.

In order to provide safe and quick access to the buildings when several people are on campus, it is necessary to reorganize the entry possibilities in some buildings. Relevant signs will be hung on doors as quickly as possible. 

Here are the entryways for university building. The entryways and exits of several buildings will now be separated. This can be seen in the following table:

CogniumEntry and exit: Main door on Hochschulring
FVGEntry: Middle door
Exit: West door
GEO I und IIEntryway: Boulevard door
Exit: Maintenance Depot
GW 1 A, B und CEntryway: Door between A and B, Universitätsallee
Exit: Door between A and B, at rear of building
GW 1 Lecture Hall BuildingEntryway and exit: Main door
GW 2 A und BEntryway: Courtyard door
Exit: Boulevard door
IW 1 und 2Entryway and exit: Via the boulevard, left door
IW 3Entryway and exit: Main door on Hochschulring
Large Lecture Hall “Keksdose”Entryway: Boulevard door
Exit: Door level 0
MARUM (1 und 2), Zugang MARUM 2 über BrückeEntryway and exit: Main door
MZHEntryway: Main door
Exit: Rear building door
NW 1Entryway and exit: Main door
NW 2 A und BEntryway and exit: on level 0 near to goods elevator Boulevard door
NW 2 CEntryway: Main entrance on Leobener Straße door
Exit: Courtyard door
SportturmEntryway and exit: Boulevard door
SFG BuildingEntryway: Main door (revolving door)
Exit: Emergency exit at rear of building
UFTEntryway and exit: Main door
VWGEntryway and exit: Main door
WiWi1Entryway and exit: Universitätsallee door


The university post office distributes the post that is delivered to the central office as usual.

Packages will be accepted by the security staff at each building. However, it is not possible that the security staff inform your when a package has arrived. They are also not liable for your package in any manner.

The central administration is doing its best and is attempting to deal with all important administrative issues despite the restrictions.

Several main IT systems cannot be reached when working from home. Thus, many areas of central administration are working in two teams: One team is on site and is working on the issues that cannot be completed from home due to the technical restrictions. The second team is working from home. The central administration is aiming to reduce the infection risk so that continual work is ensured.

This means that each area must prioritize tasks.

In order support the two-teams system, please pose any questions via email.

We ask for your understanding that personal office hours are currently not taking place.