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General Information on the Corona Pandemic

Hand sanitiser dispenser in the library's entrance hall.

The wearing of a mouth-nose covering is obligatory on the campus and in all university buildings. The obligatory wearing of masks now also extends to all classes. Thus, also for students and teaching staff after they have taken a seat.

Alongside the current regulation that masks (no plastic visors or similar) be worn in all areas of movement (entryways, exits, hallways, elevators, etc.), in sanitary facilities, or waiting rooms in university buildings, masks must now also be worn in all outside areas of the university.

Please also take care to adhere to the distancing and personal hygiene regulations (washing of hands, coughing and sneezing etiquette).

(status on 27.11.2020)

There are currently eight members of the university that have tested positive. If there is a case, we reconstruct the chain of contact as far as is possible. As soon as we have said information, all affected university members will be informed immediately. A 14-day isolation period will then immediately begin for these contact persons. Said isolation period is linked with a ban on coming onto campus and into the university buildings. Said persons are required to contact their doctor as soon as symptoms of a COVID-19 infection appear.

One person has died as a result of COVID-19.

The symptoms reported most frequently in Germany are coughing and fever. However, there are a whole host of other symptoms such as a cold, loss of the sense of smell and taste, sore throat, respiratory problems, headaches, joint pain, and general weakness that are possible.

However, the course of the illness is unspecific, diverse, and can vary greatly. That is why no general statements regarding the “typical” course of the illness can be made.

Please contact the patient service at 116 117 if you are experience acute health problems.

(Source: Federal Centre for Health Education)

All important behavior rules and recommendations can be found here.

The University of Bremen has implemented a general ruling from the Public Order Office of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. This regulation means that you are obliged to wear a mouth-nose covering (mask) in all university building – including the Glashalle Building. According to the corona ruling, the mouth-nose covering must be a “textile barrier”, thus plastic visors or similar items are not permitted.

Students and teaching staff are now also obliged to wear a mask – even when they are seated. The wearing of a mask is also obligatory for staff in administration, the faculties, and deaneries when seated – if said staff work in a shared office. The ruling also applies to all meetings.

If all other safety measures are met (distance regulation, spit protection, regular ventilation, etc.), it is possible to refrain from the wearing of masks in shared offices, if all parties involved agreed to this.

Under the above stated conditions, the use of masks can also be refrained from during face-to-face interviews (appointment and job application proceedings).

For the textile mouth-nose covering, the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) recommends a 30-minute break from mask wearing after every three hours for light physical activity, and for moderate physical activity after every two hours.

In addition, the currently valid Corona Ordinance of the Bremen State specifies that the obligation to wear a mask may be waived under the following conditions:

You might not be obligated to wear a mask due to a medical indication or due to pregnancy. Please always carry your medical certificate with you to the university so that you can present this when someone asks you about your missing mask.

Additionally, the obligation to wear a mask does not apply for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, those accompanying them, and, for persons who communicate with them.

(Additions/changes are to be expected).

Yes, the university has done so. You can find the tabular overview here.

Even if the regulations appear complex, we ask that you very carefully adhere to the correct ventilation of the individual rooms.

All state universities in Bremen are continually in contact with the Senator for Science in order to react quickly to a change in situation, if required.

We ask that you help to reduce the number of infections by behaving appropriately and taking the known hygiene regulations into consideration.

Telephone hotline

  • You can reach Bremen Health Authority at +49 (0)421 361 15 113
  • The national health insurance companies have also set up hotlines. Please contact your health insurance company if necessary.

Detailed Information