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Information for International Students and Researchers

Here you can find a short overview of the latest important information in regards to the corona virus and the accompanying regulations. Please check when the information was last updated and obtain additional information if necessary.

Some linked websites are unfortunately only available in German. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the respective contacts listed in the right column.

Up-to-Date Information

Here you can find the official corona website of the city of Bremen with the most recent regional regulations in German. This is a link to a document with the legal regulations in English (updated regularly). 

Furthermore, here you can have a look at the official website of the German government to find national regulations.
For an overview of the current infection numbers visit the website of buten un binnen.

Below several local news services are listed that regularly report on the current regulations:

Additionally, the Tagesschau provides national news on TV, as an online newspaper, on Instagram and on Facebook.

You can also call Bremen's information hotline to ask any questions surrounding the topic of corona: +49 (0)421 115.

General Information

[as of 29.01.2021]

If you are currently in an area of variant of concern, you are not allowed to travel to Germany unless you have a German residence permit. If you are coming from a high incidence area (defined by the RKI), you must register online via and have taken a negative corona test before entering the country.

If you are traveling from a high-risk area (list of high-risk areas according to the Robert Koch institute), you are obliged to register online via before entering Germany. In addition, immediate testing is mandatory. This means that inbound travelers must present a negative corona test result within 48 hours after entering the country. This test can be done at the earliest 48 hours before entry or immediately after arriving the destination. Please note that this test is subject to a fee in Germany and does not exempt you from quarantine!

For up-to-date information, please visit the website of the Foreign Office or read Bremen's most recent regulations in the Corona-Gazette (§20 for inbound and returning travelers).

[as of 11.01.2021]

Inbound travelers from high-risk areas are obliged to go into a 10-day domestic quarantine directly after their arrival. You can find a regularly updated list of all high-risk areas on the website of the RKI.

Please check with your landlord/landlady in advance if you are allowed to spend the quarantine in the apartment you have rented. If you do not have your own apartment when you enter in Bremen, you can also spend your quarantine in a hotel or hostel. This must be indicated before in the online registration and be clarified with the hotel/hostel.

You can shorten your quarantine after 5 days by doing a PCR corona test. This test is subject to a charge. As an inbound traveler from a high-risk area, you can get tested at various locations, such as the Johanniter Bremen-Verden or the Corona Walk-In Bremen-Mitte

If you are in quarantine and develop symptoms, it is your duty to report to the Bremen public health department. Please use the corona hotline +49 (0)421 115 for this purpose.

[as of 11.01.2021]

The brochure "Ihr Weg zum Corona-Test - Bremen" describes four different situations, in which you might want to or need to take a corona test and how to get yourself tested.

If you are experiencing symptoms, please call your general practitioner. The "Weisse Liste" lists all general practitioners in Bremen. If you are looking for a foreign-language practitioner, please visit the website of KVHB.

On weekends and public holidays, you can contact the medical on-call service under this number: 116 117.

They can advise you about the possibility of taking a corona test.

Please isolate yourself immediately if you experience any symptoms of a corona infection.

You can find the most recent regulations for Bremen on the official corona-website (in German) of the city of Bremen. Here is an overview of all current regulations in English. Please note: This document is updated regularly, so please check when the information was last updated.

[as of 26.01.2021]

Visit the official website of the University of Bremen for information on the corona virus. Further general information and an FAQ from the University of Bremen on the corona virus can be found here.

Information for students/applicants and for staff is also linked.

The university library and the Student Service Organisation (Mensa cafeteria, student residences, BaföG student loan, counselling) provide information on their respective websites about current opening hours and regulations.

Information for Students

Visit the website of the University of Bremen on students finances for international students for general information on financing and various options for financial support.

[as of 26.01.2021]

Students who can prove that they are in acute distress due to the corona pandemic can apply for interim financial aid of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) from November 2020 to March 2021. Have a look at the application for interim financial aid of the BMBF and all important information about the application process.
Further information of the "Studierendenwerk Bremen" about the interim financial aid for international students is available here.

[as of 26.01.2021]

In addition, under certain circumstances, you can currently get the costs for the semester ticket reimbursed, if you file a hardship application available from the AStA Students' Union (English version below).

[As of 26.02.2021]

Students at the University of Bremen are required to have health insurance. This applies from the beginning of the semester. On the website "Formalities for International Students" of the University of Bremen you will find a selection of different health insurance companies and further information under the item "Health insurance".

If you are unable to come to Bremen at the beginning of the semester due to corona, please contact the student office. If you have questions about health insurance contributions when studying online from abroad, please contact your health insurance company.

If you need a letter of confirmation of your participation at your studies in Bremen, please contact the Student Office of the University of Bremen.

On the "HIST Bremen" website, you can find information and contacts about support in financial emergencies, advice on legal issues, community events, and mental health counseling.

If you are an international researcher or PhD student, please contact the Welcome Center, if you have any further questions.

Incoming exchange students please contact the Newcomer Service. Outgoing exchange students can find further information on the website "Studying Abroad" of the University of Bremen. 

Other international students please contact the kompass team for any further questions.


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