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Information for Students

The University of Bremen is prepared for a hybrid semester - with more face-to-face or digital classes depending on the situation. That is what Thomas Hoffmeister, our Vice President Academic, explains in this video.

Vice President Academic Thomas Hoffmeister Talking About the Winter Semester 2020/21

What will the winter semester be like? And the orientation week? The University of Bremen is prepared for a hybrid semester - with more face-to-face or digital classes depending on the situation. That is what Thomas Hoffmeister, our Vice President Academic, explains in this video.

You can choose to see English subtitles in the YouTube options.

Message from the President concerning the winter semester 2020/2021

How is the corona pandemic affecting teaching and studying at the University of Bremen? Watch the President's video message. You can turn on English subtitles in the YouTube options.

Hybrid Teaching in the Winter Semester 2020/21: What does that mean?

For the winter semester 2020/21, the University of Bremen is organizing teaching so that it takes place in a hybrid form. All disciplines wish to offer more aspects of face-to-face classes – as far as is possible within the epidemiological development of COVID-19. The aim is to enable studies with face-to-face classes and digital formats for all students.

In order to ensure the adherence to the distancing and hygiene regulations during face-to-face classes on campus, during classes the students are to be put into groups, which will be present on campus as per a rotating system. The students who are not on site are to partake digitally or will receive asynchronous classes.

Risk groups will, of course, be taken into consideration in terms of the face-to-face classes. Digital formats are to be made available to said students and others who are unable to come to the campus.

There will also be spaces available on campus for group-work, which will need to be reserved.

The orientation week for the freshmen will take place between October 26 and October 30, 2020 and will be made up of a mixture of face-to-face and digital events – as long as the infection risk allows for this. All freshmen will receive the relevant information online but will also be able to acquire information and network during on-site events. They are to come onto campus under the adherence to the distancing and hygiene regulations. Here you will find the Hygiene Concept for the Hybrid Orientation Week and Preparatory Courses.

Please adhere to the safety and hygiene standards for the winter semester 2020/2021.

General Safety and Hygiene Standards on Campus

The symptoms reported most frequently in Germany are coughing and fever. However, there are a whole host of other symptoms such as a cold, loss of the sense of smell and taste, sore throat, respiratory problems, headaches, joint pain, and general weakness that are possible.

However, the course of the illness is unspecific, diverse, and can vary greatly. That is why no general statements regarding the “typical” course of the illness can be made.

Please contact the patient service at 116 117 if you are experience acute health problems.

(Source: Federal Centre for Health Education)

All important behavior rules and recommendations can be found here.

The university of Bremen has implemented a general ruling from the Public Order Office of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. This regulation means that you are obliged to wear a mouth-nose covering (mask) in all outdoor spaces on campus and in all university buildings – including the Glashalle Building.

Alongside the current regulation that masks (no plastic visors or similar) be worn in all areas of movement (entryways, exits, hallways, elevators, etc.), in sanitary facilities, or waiting rooms in university buildings, masks must now also be worn in all outside areas of the university.

According to the corona ruling, the mouth-nose covering must be a “textile barrier”, thus plastic visors or similar items are not permitted.

Yes, the university has done so. You can find the tabular overview here.

Even if the regulations appear complex, we ask that you very carefully adhere to the.

All state universities in Bremen are continually in contact with the Senator for Science in order to react quickly to a change in situation, if required.

We ask that you help to reduce the number of infections by behaving appropriately and taking the known hygiene regulations into consideration.

If you had contact to a person now confirmed as having coronavirus, immediately contact your doctor or the after-hours service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of the City of Bremen ( by phone. Do not go to a doctor’s practice in order to reduce the risk of infection.

You will receive further instructions from your doctor or the after-hours service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of the City of Bremen.

Further information.

Due to the current situation, enquiries are increasing. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will reach your contact person with your first call.

If you are told to contact the university with your question, the classification of risk groups is valid.

If you are a contact person of the first class (close family contact or similar), you must enter isolation for 14 days. You are not allowed to come onto campus during this time.

Please adhere to the self-isolation requirements.

During the isolation period, it is not possible for you to leave your home or receive guests that do not live with you without prior authorization from the Health Department (general ruling by the Pubic Order Office of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen based on §28 German Infection Protection Act – IfSG). Only the Health Department may decide on exceptions.

You may not come onto the university campus.

Please contact your examination office or student advisory office if you have questions concerning examination or consequences for the course of your degree.

You must adhere to the Health Department’s guidelines. This especially applies with regard to the point in time when the isolation/quarantine period is over and you may enter the university campus, for example.

Please contact your examination office or student advisory office if you have questions concerning examination or consequences for the course of your degree.

Examinations: Regulations and Contact Persons

In light of the comprehensive restrictions at the end of the winter semester 2019/20 and at the beginning of the summer semester, immediate measures were put into place in order to avoid the passing of deadlines. These measures also intended to ensure the required level of decisions to be made by teaching staff, students, and administrative examination staff. During the course of the summer semester, said decisions were either replaced or expanded on by decisions from Bremen parliament and the Academic Senate. These were made to initiate measures for quality assurance when studying and to avoid there being disadvantages for students. In the download area on the right, you can find the decisions made, which also apply to the winter semester 2020/21.

Examinations will either be carried out face-to-face under adherence to protective measures against the coronavirus in specially prepared university rooms, including the e-testing center or they will be held as online or portfolio examinations. Examinations in the e-testing center will be carried out from May 11, 2020 onwards. Written examinations still require a further planning phase. Please note that there will be a longer planning phase and also a longer examination phase due to the corona protection regulations and the smaller examination participation groups.The summer semester 2020 and winter semester 2020/21 will not be counted in terms of the valid repeat examination deadline for failed attempts at the University of Bremen.

You can find explanations in the information on semester counting.

Please contact your lecturers and your examination office with any questions that you may have regarding your own examinations. You can find the contact details here: This especially applies to registration for and withdrawal from examinations, examination dates, extended submission deadlines, and the consequences of a cancelled examination.

The University of Bremen has thought a great deal about how to reduce the risk of infection during face-to-face examinations: The distance between tables has been increased, regular ventilation will be carried out, the furniture will be cleaned in intervals, you will find hand disinfectant at entryways.

However, none of this works if you do not support us. Please adhere to the distancing regulations, even if you are extremely happy to have completed the exam.

Also keep your distance when you enter the examination room, wait there, or exit the university building.

Don’t forget: These measures are in place for you and your health!

You can find the hygiene concept for the test center (only in German) and the other examination rooms in the download area.

Stays abroad and international students

As the closure of German embassies due to corona is threatening the degree starts of freshmen, the University of Bremen has implemented two important measures:

Generally, distance-learning is possible for the internationally oriented degree programs. Please speak to the responsible person for your degree about the online teaching on offer and the examination regulations. Distance students will be enrolled as usual – please send us the required documents after admission and transfer the semester fee. The usually obligatory proof of health insurance in German is waived as long as you reside abroad.

Please note that you must pay the fee retroactively for the whole of the semester if you travel to Germany during the semester.

If your embassy is currently not producing certified copies of the required documents and there is a chance that your submission deadline for the enrollment documents may pass, please initially send us simple copies and submit the certified ones at a later day.

You can find out more about the details in the Rapid Decision Certified Copies document.

If you return from a private or work trip abroad, varied rules apply, depending on in which country you stayed:

Returning from a risk area

If you have spent time within the past 14 days in a risk region, the following applies:

  • Please immediately return, by direct means, to your “own home or another suitable accommodation option,” after your return.
  • You must now self-isolate for 14 days (starting from entry into Germany).
  • It is not allowed that people who do not live in your household visit you in this time,
  • In your Bremen district, please inform the responsible local police department via email (infektionsschutprotect me ?!ordnungsamt.bremenprotect me ?!.de).
  • Should you develop symptoms that point towards COVID_19 during your 14-day isolation, please contact your doctor by phone. He/she will explain the next steps to you.
  • Only the Health Department can exempt you from isolation. Only the Health Department can provide information on this.

You may provide a test result to the Health Department for this. Said test must fulfil certain requirements (test result in German on English, molecular-biological test, test must have taken place no longer than 48 hours prior to entry into Germany).

Additional information and information on testing options for Bremen citizens can be found here.

Here, you can find out which Health Department is responsible for you.

It is not possible to submit a negative test to the university, as only the Health Department has the authority to end the isolation period earlier than planned.

The regulations for returning from a risk region apply whether you have travelled to Germany on land, by air, or by boat.

Entering from a region that is not deemed a risk region is uncritical and no isolation measures must be met.

Please contact Barbara Hasenmüller at the International Office. Alternatively, you can find more information here.

International students who are already in Bremen have general questions regarding their stay, financing etc. should contact Jutta Paul and Claudia Pellegrina at the International Office.

Working and Financial Aid

Generally, the German National Association for Student Affairs provides advice and information on social matters and working whilst studying. Please note that the information on working and internships applies to enrolled students. Those who have taken a semester’s leave cannot receive a BAföG loan, a scholarship, or discounts for taxes, health insurance etc.

Flyer on working alongside your studies:

FAQs on studying during the corona pandemic: and welfare advice from the Bremen Student Services Organization: Information on the social fund from the German student funds can be found under the question “Can I apply for financial aid?”

You can find more information on job and internship advertisements, as well as other information regarding your career and career start here:

The loan fund of the Bremen Student Services Organization has been increased by the Bremen Senate to 500,000 Euro so that students in need of help can be financially supported. Students who have come into financial difficulties due to the corona crisis can apply for an interest-free loan of up to 550 euros each month from the Bremen Student Services Organization. The loan will be paid with retrospective effect from April 1, 2020 and for up to three months. Furthermore, the acceptance criteria for such a loan will be reduced.

Students in need who are enrolled at the University of Bremen or another university in Bremen State can apply. Foreign students may also apply for a loan.

Information on the application process

Students, who have already applied for BAföG in the past, only have to submit an informal application with the missing documents. Old details should be updated. This also applies if the BAföG application was rejected. The Bremen Student Services Organization provides more detailed information. Further documents are required if the student has never applied for BAföG. Information on this is also available from the Bremen Student Services Organization.

This loan is not intended for those who already receive BAföG. There is another way in such cases: If a student’s situation has changed due to the corona crisis, for example if their parents are now in the short-time working system and can no longer support them as usual, the student can submit a BAföG amendment application.

There is additional help for international students: The charitable organization XENOS provides financial aid especially to foreign students in difficult situations. More information can be found on the XENOS website.


Students who were not able to attain the required number of credit points in the winter semester 2019/2020 or summer semester 2020 due to the corona pandemic and are thus unable to provide proof of a positive credit point balance after the end of the 4th semester as per § 48 BAföG (form 5), can submit proof of a negative credit point balance with reference to the situation for the winter semester 2020/2021. The students will then receive a form, with which they can provide an explanation of the circumstances in order for the examination office at their place of education to confirm this. The same procedure applies if students were not able to complete their degree within the maximum duration of funding due to the corona pandemic. Further information can be found here:


More Informations:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to currently offer open office hours. Please use this opportunity to pose your question via email or phone. You will receive information here and via a circular as soon as it is possible once more to attend an office hour or make an appointment.


Currently, Café Central and the GW2 Building cafeteria on campus are open and offer food to take away.

From September 14, 2020, the Mensa cafeteria on the Boulevard is opening with seating. There are special procedures in place if you wish to go to the Mensa cafeteria. You can find the relevant information here:


From now on, the University of Bremen and also the Bremen State and University Library offer study spaces on campus to all students again.

The study spaces on campus will be available from July 20, 2020. The university is currently planning on extending the offer of learning spaces.You can use the study spaces between the time of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. after previously booking a two-hour time slot. In order to maintain hygiene requirements, we unfortunately had to limit the number of workplaces.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any seminar or meeting rooms, as every room is needed for the upcoming examinations in order to maintain the hygiene standards during the examinations for your protection.

Please note:

The booking of the learning islands can be made via Stud.IP as before. Your booking confirmation is also the right of access to the respective building, which must be presented to the security guards. The link to the Terms of Use and Hygiene Regulations can be found in the booking section and the booking confirmation as well as here. We ask of you that you adhere to the concept and that you especially disinfect the table before and after usage with the available cleaning wipes. The number of people allowed in the individual rooms is also restricted in order to protect you against the virus. Thus, it is not possible that more people are in the room than have been registered for the time slot. Think of your own health and the health of those around you and adhere strictly to the hygiene concept.

We have a further request based on various complaints: The university is providing the rooms in order to enable peaceful learning for our students. Please behave in such a manner that undisturbed learning is possible.

For more informationen, you can contact infoprotect me ?!lernraum.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

For information on the offer of the Bremen State and University Library visit

General Information on the Coronavirus

What are coronavirus symptoms? How should infected persons behave? We have collected general information on the novel coronavirus.