Health Care Management


Welcome to the website of the Department of Healthcare Management. We invite you to inform yourself about our main areas of work and teaching offers.


Head of Department:

Prof. Dr. Wolf Rogowski

Tel.: +49 421 218-68835
Office hours: Thursday 16:00 - 17:30

Grazer Straße 2a

28359 Bremen



Nicole Hehde

Tel.: +49 421 218-68802

Grazer Straße 4, room A3030

28359 Bremen

Our Focuses

The department "Management in Healthcare" is dedicated to the question of how sustainable innovation can be promoted in healthcare and beyond.

In our theoretical research, we deal in current projects with the various research programs of economics from a scientific-theoretical and ethical perspective. For example, we are investigating what insights can be gained from them on the transition to a CO2-neutral healthcare system. In our empirical research, we apply methods of technology assessment in health care. Among other things, we are currently investigating how model-based health economic evaluations can be supplemented with further sustainability aspects such as CO2 emissions from life cycle analyses.

In our teaching, we impart the necessary business management and economic content and competencies, especially for the public health courses of study in FB 11. In the Bachelor's program, this includes in particular the lecture "Management in Health Care" with an accompanying case study seminar based on a Springer textbook of the same name. In addition, the department offers the elective focus "Planetary Health Economics", in which various proposals for ways out of the climate crisis are examined from an economic and ethical perspective. In the Master's program, we offer the seminar "Health-, Social-, and Eco- Entrepreneurship" for practice-oriented in-depth study. At the same time, we deepen methodological knowledge on the basis of the above-mentioned topics, for example in seminars on conducting systematic reviews and on scientific writing.


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