Project Details

Health Humanities and Audiovisual Cultures

Duration: Since 01.01.2023
Research Team:

PD Dr. Solveig Lena Hansen (Sprecherin);


Tobias Dietrich M.A.;


Dr. Thomas Hehlmann;


Dr. Martina Wachtlin;

Project Type: In-house project
Funding: Universität Bremen, Bremen Early Career Researcher Development (BYRD)


Our research network Health Humanities and Audiovisual Cultures (He:Ku) focuses on the relationship between health and media cultures/aesthetics. Internationally, Health Humanities is an interdisciplinary field between natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, cultural studies, and the arts. However, the cultural, performative, and (audio-)visual dimensions of illness, health, and well-being have not been discussed in depth. He:Ku aims to explore approaches at these thematic and methodological intersections. Our goal is an interdisciplinary collaboration and the transfer of research and teaching in an interdisciplinary think tank. The idea of our project is to compare and discuss approaches from the health sciences, cultural studies, and media aesthetics as well as related disciplines and to transfer them into research and participatory events: colloquia, a World Café with cultural workers from Bremen as well as public film discussions with external guests and the audience.

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