Project Details

Innovation Lab B.A. Public Health

Duration: 01.07.2022 - 31.07.2024
Research Team:

Dr. Stefanie Dreger;


PD Dr. Solveig Lena Hansen;


Dr. Stefanie Helmer-Ohlmeier;


Dr. Lisa Lüdders;


Dr. Nadine Ochmann;


Dr. Katja Thane;


Prof. Dr. Henning Schmidt-Semisch;


Dr. Martina Wachtlin;

Project Type: Third-party funded project
Funding: Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre


The Innovation Lab is anchored in the Bachelor‘s program in Public Health. Together with students and lecturers, the InnoLab develops multimedia learning and teaching paths for scientific work that can be used in all modules.


  • Students can access materials and exercises on scientific work and good scientific practice at all stages of their studies; teachers are encouraged to embed the material in their courses.
  • We promote academic skills across all modules. This acquisition of skills should no longer be offered selectively at the beginning of the B.A., but should extend continuously and sustainably throughout the entire program.
  • Various elements of information, communication, and collaboration will be developed to create structures for students and lecturers.


  • Needs-based learning and teaching materials are developed in small working groups.
  • The multimedia content is systematically prepared and evaluated.
  • Constant dialogue between students and teachers. Students are involved in all steps and decisions, as participation is a fundamental element of public health practice and teaching.
  • The materials are tested and disseminated through direct use in courses and via social networks.
  • Integrating the material into a shared platform enables teachers to use the materials in their courses as required and adapt them as needed.