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Film Screening of the Russian cult movie “Brat” (Brother)

A screening of the Russian cult film “Brat” (Brother) from 1997 will take place on September 23 at 6:00 pm in the “Krokodil” cinema in Berlin. In the subsequent public discussion, Dr. Julia Langbein and Prof. Dr. Michael Rochlitz will discuss the film with the audience.

Aleksei Balabanov’s 1997 film ‘Brat’ (Brother) is to this day a cult film in Russia. Played by the legendary Russian actor Sergei Bodrov Jr., the eponymous ‘Brother’ tries to find his place in the ruthless society of St. Petersburg in the 1990s. The film raises questions not only about the formation of national identity in Russia, but also about the political, economic, and social fallout of the power vacuum that characterised the early post-Soviet years.

After the film screening, Julia Langbein (ZOiS) and Michael Rochlitz (University of Bremen) will discuss with the audience the image of the ‘wild 1990s’ conveyed by the film, as well as how the long-term legacies of the 1990s are still influencing the rule of law as well as economic, political and social developments in Russia.

If you want to participate, please register by email at or by phone on 030 440409298 during cinema opening hours. You can find additional information under this link.