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A new article in Post-Soviet Affairs

A new paper by Michael Rochlitz, co-authored by Anton Kazun (HSE) and Andrei Yakovlev (HSE), on evolution of corporate raiding attacks in Russia has been published online in Post-Soviet Affairs. The article describes a shift in property-rights relations in Russia, from business capture in the 2000s to a more centralized mode of corruption during the 2010s, and examines the economic effects and the sustainability of these developments. The paper will appear in a special issue of the journal, edited by Ekaterina Borisova (HSE), Noah Buckley-Farlee (Trinity College Dublin) and Tatiana Karabchuk (the United Arab Emirates University). The special issue will include the papers presented at the workshop “Political Economy of Development: Challenges and Perspectives” that was organized by the UAE University, NYU Abu Dhabi and the HSE International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development in fall 2018.

Post-Soviet Affairs