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Dr. Ekaterina Paustyan joins the working group of Michael Rochlitz

Dr. Ekaterina Paustyan joined the team of Michael Rochlitz as a postdoctoral researcher on November 9th. Ekaterina has recently received her PhD in Political Science from Central European University (Hungary) and succeeded in getting her postdoc position through a highly competitive selection process at the University of Bremen.

Ekaterina will work on the project titled "Subnational elite cohesion and turnover in authoritarian  regimes." By employing a novel dataset on biographies of subnational elites in Russia, this project will test a number of foundational assumptions in the literature on political machines regarding the creation, density and functioning of clientelist networks and their relation to regional elite turnover in electoral authoritarian regimes.

We are thrilled with this addition to our team and wish Ekaterina all the best.