Presentations at the BASEES Conference

Members of AG Rochlitz – Dr. Ekaterina Paustyan, Ekaterina Vorobeva and Olga Masyutina – were among the participants of this year’s conference of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies on April 8-10, 2022:

Ekaterina Paustyan with “Dead” and “Alive” Cities: The Calculus of Urban (Non)Protests in Russia” (co-authored with Irina Busygina)

Ekaterina Vorobeva with “Main constraints to migrant entrepreneurship in Russia: The case of Central Asian migrant entrepreneurs in St. Petersburg and Moscow”

Olga Masyutina with “Authoritarian durability, prospects of change and individual behavior: Evidence from a survey experiment in Russia” (co-authored with Yulia Khalikova, Michael Rochlitz and Koen Schoors).

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