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Ekaterina Paustyan at PONARS Conference

Ekaterina Paustyan and her co-author Irina Busygina (HSE) took part in the policy-oriented PONARS Eurasia Spring Conference which was held in hybrid format on March 25, 2022. The researchers presented their new paper "Ready to Protest? Explaining Protest Potential in Russian Regional Capitals" on…


The World of Russia’s Oligarchs

Michael Rochlitz gave an expert interview for the Spiegel TV documentary “The World of Russia’s oligarchs”. The entire documentary can be accessed through the following link.

Besides, Michael discussed the power of Russian oligarchs and the problems with the implementation of the sanctions in an…


Special edition of "In der Wirtschaft" podcast about the war in Ukraine

The podcast "In der Wirtschaft" was founded by graduates of the degree program "Plural Economics" at the University of Siegen. In this special episode, Michael Rochlitz discusses with Julia Cremer and Martin Middelanis the economic impact of the war in Ukraine.

HK Bremen

Lecture by Michael Rochlitz at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce

Michael Rochlitz discussed the implications of the war in Ukraine for entrepreneurs in Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Bremen with members of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.  

The PowerPoint presentation of the lecture, which took place on Friday, March 18th, can be downloaded through the following…


Effect of sanctions on Russian economy

Sanctions imposed on Russia after it started the war against Ukraine are quite unparalleled and are bound to hit hard every aspect of Russian economy and its financial sector. Michael Rochlitz offered some insights into the short- and long-term consequences of this self-induced disaster in a ZOiS…

ruble drop

Michael Rochlitz on InfoRadio Berlin

Michael Rochlitz was asked by InfoRadio Berlin to comment on the effect of sanctions that were imposed on Russia as a result of its aggression against Ukraine. In Michael’s opinion, Putin is no longer acting rationally and apparently was not expecting such a massive and concerted economic response…


Roundtable on the war in Ukraine

Michael Rochlitz was invited to take part in an online round table, “What is happening in Ukraine”, organized by Almaty Management University on March 4, 2022. Michael and two other panellists, Sergey Sayapin (Kimep University) and Daniela Irrera (University of Catania), discussed the causes of the…

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Interview in Weser Kurier

An interview with Michael Rochlitz, ‘The oligarchs won’t starve to death” ("Die Oligarchen werden nicht verhungern"), appeared in the Bremen newspaper Weser Kurier on the 3rd of March, 2022. In the interview Michael discussed the lamentable state of the Russian economy and argued that it is the…


Approaches to Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Ekaterina Paustyan and her co-authors Eva Thomann (University of Konstanz) and Jörn Ege (University of Bern) had their paper published in Swiss Political Science Review. The article, ‘Approaches to Qualitative Comparative Analysis and good practices: A systematic review’ analyzes the evolution of…


"Staying out of Trouble" in Comparative Political Studies

A new paper by Michael Rochlitz, Noah Buckley, John Reuter and Anton Aisin has just come out in one of the leading political science journals Comparative Political Studies. The paper “Staying out of Trouble: Criminal Cases Against Russian Mayors” is based on an original dataset on criminal cases…