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Fatih Sönmez

Research stay of Fatih Sönmez at Uni Bremen

Fatih Sönmez, a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at University of Evora (Portugal), is currently a visiting researcher in the team of Prof. Dr. Michael Rochlitz at the University of Bremen. Fatih's research interests are Quantitative Economics, İnstitutional Economics and Political Economics and he will…

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EJPE article "Bureaucratic discrimination in electoral authoritarian regimes"

Michael Rochlitz’s  joint paper with Evgeniya Mitrokhina and Irina Nizovkina “Bureaucratic discrimination in electoral authoritarian regimes: Experimental evidence from Russia” is now available online at the European Journal of Political Economy. The authors used a randomized experiment in which…

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Vorobeva Richter

New members of Michael Rochlitz's team

The working group of Michael Rochlitz is pleased to welcome two new PhD candidates, Ekaterina Vorobeva and Michael Richter,  who joined the group within the Innovative Training Network (ITN) "Mapping Uncertainties, Challenges and Future Opportunities of Emerging Markets: Informal Barriers, Business…

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ICSID & QoG workshop “Institutions and development: a sub-national perspective”

Our institutional partner, International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID), held its annual fall workshop on October 7-9. The event, “Institutions and development: a sub-national perspective”, was organized jointly with the Quality of Government Institute (QoG) at the…

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Virtual Workshop on Authoritarian Regimes

On September 16th, Michael Rochlitz was invited to serve as a discussant for the 44th edition of the Virtual Workshop on Authoritarian Regimes (VWAR). Michael discussed a paper by Yana Bilalova (London School of Economics), "Warfare Agenda-setting on Russian Television, 2009 - 2019".

VWAR is a…

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Junge DGO

A regional group of Young DGO: developing the network of experts on Eastern Europe in Bremen

The German Association for East European Studies (DGO), the largest network within the German speaking realm facilitating research on Eastern Europe, has approved the application to create a regional group of Young DGO experts at its Bremen branch. The application was conceived and designed by…

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queuing in Moscow in the 90s

Collective memories, propaganda and authoritarian political support

Last November, Alessandro Belmonte (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca) and Michael Rochlitz published a paper showing how Vladimir Putin strategically recalls memories from the chaotic 1990s to consolidate his hold on power. They then generalized the idea in a theoretical model that has just…

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Mayors arrests

Staying Out of Trouble: Criminal Cases Against Russian Mayors

Being a high-level official in Russia does not make you immune to criminal prosecution, but what are the factors that help Russian elites avoid getting arrested? This is the question that Michael Rochlitz and his co-authors Noah Buckley, Ora John Reuter and Anton Aisin try to answer in their new Bre…

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Post-Soviet Affairs

A new article in Post-Soviet Affairs

A new paper by Michael Rochlitz, co-authored by Anton Kazun (HSE) and Andrei Yakovlev (HSE), on evolution of corporate raiding attacks in Russia has been published online in Post-Soviet Affairs. The article describes a shift in property-rights relations in Russia, from business capture in the 2000s…

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Presentations at the BOFIT seminar and Mod-Block-DDR Colloquium

June 23 was a particularly busy day for Michael Rochlitz, that is with presentations of his new papers at two online research seminars. Michael first talked about his research on bureaucratic discrimination in Russia at the Bank of Finland (BOFIT) Seminar Series. This is a joint work with Evgeniya…

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