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Application and Admission

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Regular Application (without Scholarship)

Students who wish to apply for ISATEC without application for a DAAD scholarship have to follow the procedure described here. The closing date for applications is 30th April of the year of the intended start! more »

Application including DAAD scholarship

ISATEC is a member of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship programme “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses”. If you are a citizen of a developing country, you may thus apply for a scholarship for the ISATEC studies through the DAAD. The procedure is described here. The deadline for applications is 15th October one year prior to the intended start of the study programme. more »

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What to do after Admission

There are some things to be done after you have received your admission to ISATEC. Please follow the procedures described here. more »

More information on DAAD scholarships

For further information on a DAAD scholarship please check Scholarship for Postgraduate Courses.