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Performance and Success

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Graduates of ISATEC are experts in the field of tropical aquatic ecosystem research and its application to the conflicting areas of utilisation and conservation of aquatic ecosystems in the tropics. They are equipped to join or conduct multidisciplinary teams working in the investigation and management of tropical coastal zones or freshwater systems as well as to continue university studies (PhD) in the areas of aquatic ecology or integrated coastal zone management. Employment may be found with national and international organisations involved in research and nature conservation projects, governmental institutions dedicated to coastal systems and resource management, consulting agencies involved in environmental approval work, universities and with organisations dedicated to developmental aid (GIZ, DAAD, DED, CIM etc.).



Since the start in 1999, more than 250 students from 54 countries of all continents have graduated in ISATEC. Many of those are now working in important labour positions in their home countries and several of them have stayed in close collaboration with the ZMT and the University of Bremen. Less than 4% of the beginners have not made it to graduation. An important proportion of the graduates (about 25-30%) have continued with Ph.D. studies either in Bremen or elsewhere.


Find here a compilation of the ISATEC theses [PDF] (105 KB) conducted since 1999.