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ISATEC modules
Modules are comprised of several teaching units. Teaching methods include formal lectures, tutorials, seminars, group projects, computer workshops, laboratory and fieldwork, independent study and field trips. Students are encouraged to ask questions during and after lectures or seminars. Furthermore the sharing and discussion of relevant personal experiences also provides additional useful insights into problem solving.
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First year

The first two terms consist of thematic teaching modules, each of which is composed of weekly block courses. The more fundamental courses are offered primarily to ensure that students from different backgrounds receive the necessary training before proceeding with the more advanced courses. Each module is assessed by a written examination at the end of the module. In addition, the participants in the first academic year must present an oral presentation (winter term) and a scientific essay (summer term) that will be graded and contribute to the final MSc grade. Field experimental and laboratory work is carried out during a two-week excursion in the first term.

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Second year

During the third term, participants are required to study at one of the partner institutions of the ZMT/University of Bremen. During this period, students must carry out their fieldwork and data collection for their MSc thesis. Alternatively, participants may bring data/material for elaboration from their home institutions or may further analyse existing samples from ongoing projects of the ZMT and the University of Bremen. Prior to leaving for the field work abroad, participants must create a written MSc thesis proposal, to be read and  agreed upon by his/her thesis supervisors. Once abroad at the partner institution, participants must hold an oral presentation explaining the purpose and work plan of their field work. Before their return to Bremen they need to present their preliminary research findings to the partner institution.


The thesis shall be carried out during the fourth semester under the guidance of an ISATEC professor and a professor based at the partner institution of the participant. Material or data for the thesis should be collected during the time spent abroad.

ISATEC student's Handbook

Our ISATEC student's handbook [PDF] (789 KB) provides in depth description and the detailed course catalogue.