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Study and Examination

Types of exams

The exams are graded. The final grade will be made up by the graded modules (weighted by ECTS) and the Master exam (Thesis and Oral Defense).

Written examination at the end of each module

On the basis of tests the candidate has to prove that he/she is capable of solving problems or working on subjects with the necessary fundamentals for a limited time, with limited means and with methods relevant to the module. Students will be notified about the results of the written exam via their registration number. Candidates may request explanations about the grading criteria and may inspect their examinations. The Module examination period lasts for 3 full hours.

Oral presentation

In the oral presentation, the candidate has to prove that she/he is capable of reviewing and elaborating an academic topic, and presenting it comprehensively within a limited time. Thematic topics for oral presentations are provided by the course lecturers and will be announced before the end of the first module. Alternatively, students may propose an own topic of interest and seek for a supervisor of the ISATEC lecturers group. The students are guided through the process of the preparation of the presentation by the lecturers that have proposed or accepted their topic. 
The talk will be given at the end of the first semester (usually within the scientific writing course) and is assessed by two examiners. The grade results from the arithmetic mean of the individual marks. The candidate is to be informed of the assessment of the talk immediately after the talk.

Written essay

The essay is to show that the candidate is capable of reviewing and analysing a research topic, of  searching for and identifying  relevant literature on the subject and of writing a coherent, well structured scientific document, which articulates his/her findings and reflections. The subject of the essay will be agreed upon between candidate and supervisor/examiner and may be selected from a list of Essay topics provided by the ISATEC lecturers before the beginning of the second semester. Alternatively, students may propose an own topic of interest and seek for a supervisor of the ISATEC lecturers group. The essay needs to be delivered before the end of the second semester.

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Master Thesis

The Master's Thesis is to prove that the candidate is capable of applying the scientific method and of working independently on a scientific problem in the field of tropical marine ecology within a limited time frame. The thesis is to be written within the fourth semester. Each student has to present his/her work progress once within a thesis seminar, which runs parallel over the entire semester period. The thesis seminar is a forum for a critical discussion on thesis project and allows for further orientation of the student. It is conducted by the ISATEC programme director, and thesis supervisors join the seminar when their candidate is giving his/her presentation. 

The Master's Thesis will be reviewed by two examiners, of which one is the official thesis supervisor. Both examiners are appointed by the Examining Board.

Oral Defense of the Master Thesis

In the oral defense, the candidate is to firstly present her/his Master's Thesis in a 30-minute academic talk. Thereafter questions are asked by the examiners for a maximum of 60 minutes per candidate.

The oral defense should take place at the latest two weeks after assessment of the Thesis.

The oral defense is public, friends and colleagues are encouraged to participate. The second examiner puts on record essence and results of the oral defense. The grade of the oral defense results from the arithmetic mean of the examiners' individual assessments and will be communicated to the candidate after the oral defense.

Immediately after the oral defense the final grade of the Master's Thesis will be determined (considering 70% for the thesis and 30% for the defense) and communicated to the candidate.

Examination Regulations

Find an English version of our official examination rules [PDF] (151 KB).

Examination: Time and location

The examination timetable is announced at the beginning of a term.

Grading System and ECTS

Find here information on the ISATEC grading system and the recognition of qualifications.