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Mediation Coordinator

Gender Equality Officer

Nele Austermann

Wiebke Blanquett

Emelie D‘Souza

Julia Gelhaar

Hanna Haerkötter

Lilli Hasche

Eva Lange

Caroline Lasserre

Kristina Merkel

Lara Reich

Janine Schleper

Chantal Wittrock

E-Mail: fbak-juraprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

The Gender Equality Officer can be contacted in cases of discrimination at the faculty.

As Gender Equality Officers at the Faculty of Law we are subordinate to the University’s Chief Gender Equality Officer and it is our task, according to the Directive for the Promotion of Women, to work towards the reduction of existing disadvantages for women in the university sector and to promote women as students, lecturers and researchers.

“Gender discrimination” does not only affect women, however, but may also concern sexual orientation or gender identity and is frequently related to discrimination based on other characteristics, e.g. ethnic origin, religion, physical ability etc. The Gender Equality Officers at the Faculty is therefore the contact wherever profiles attributed by society or the law, stereotypes and discrimination based on prejudices are to be addressed and fought against.

Contact us if you feel discriminated or harassed, if you are interested in the work of Gender Equality Officer at the Faculty, if you would like to become involved in some form or have other suggestions: E-Mail (fbak-jura[at]