Research project

Resilience and Stress in COVID-19 Times Study (ReST): A survey to longitudinally assess psychological wellbeing of employees of the University of Bremen and further institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic

The ReST study is a joined project of the University of Bremen (group of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy) and the Leibniz-Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS. The study aims to assess the mental well-being of employees of the University of Bremen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic impact families’ lives across Europe. Previous research suggests elevated levels of psychological distress during such a crises. This is why we aim to longitudinally assess the well-being and mental health of employees of the University of Bremen and their family during the COVID-19 pandemic. We planned to repeatedly assess individual and child mental health (total of 4 measurement points) in order to assess potential adjustment processes in the flow of the pandemic.

As part of open science, the study protocol is openly accessible here

A second wave including three additional assessments in 2021 is currently in preparation.

For the University of Bremen: 

Dr. Inga Frantz, Prof. Dr. Nina Heinrichs, Dr. Anne Möllmann

Results of first assessment (May 2020)

A summary of results (in German language) is available here.