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International asparagus cooking workshop

A traditional vegetable in Germany, yet not everywhere in the world. Loved by many, hated by others: the asparagus!

We from kompass and ESG would like to prepare this vegetable with you. Online: - several teams, one vegetable, different recipes!



When? On saturday, 22nd of May, 11 a.m, liva via zoom!

We will organise the ingredients and recipes for you, but the result will depend on you.


Are you up for the challenge?

Then register until Friday, the 14th of May at esgprotect me ?!kirche-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Free of costs. Number of participants is limited.

The new Podcast episode: International Family Affairs: Stories of homesickness, hope and help

Why does Zhang miss her piano? And why would Alonso close his eyes on a bicycle and Nizar become a non-professional German teacher?

In this episode Zhang, Alonso, Nizar and Finn discuss the role their family plays during their stay in Bremen. What is it like to study while your family is on the other side of the globe and what is the difference to moving here with your whole family? Find out and enjoy this episode of the kompass Podcast.

Feel free to share our podcast with your friends and fellow students! You can find the podcast on Spotify, on Anchor, on Breaker, on Pocket Casts and Radio Public
Have fun listening!

This episode is a collaboration with the University of Bremen's Study Work Life Week '21.

Q&A kompass

Q&A with kompass international

We are happy that we saw so many of you during our Welcome Event on April 6!

Here you can find our presentation if you missed it.

We would like to give you the option to ask more questions. Join us for a Q&A meeting where some of us will try to help with your questions on Bremen, the University, the library, Stud.Ip and more…

Save the date! Thursday, 15th of April at 16:30 via Zoom.

Join zoom meeting:

See you soon!

Movie Night Akira

Movie Night Akira

Carlo Giulini and Mohammed Hamzat of the kompass - Team are hosting a movie night on the 17th of April! We‘ll watch and discuss „Akira“ by Katsuhiro Otomo, utilizing Zoom and Teleparty.

To participate you need: 

1) A Netflix account 


2) Teleparty - please download before (Download Link:

3) The Zoom Link:


The event will start at 6PM on the 17th of April!

We hope to see lots of you there!

SMP Jacobs

Corona Reporting Project - Jacobs University

There are so many news about Corona, you can get confused, right?

That's what some students at Jacobs University thought too, and that's why they founded a great and international project called "Corona Reporting Project".

A large collective of Jacobs University students have come together to create a weekly report about the latest CoVID-19 news and numbers. This report is translated into 6 different languages for the residents of Bremen. As part of their curriculum, students are partaking in a Community Impact Project (CIP), and these students goal is to spread important news to all residents of Bremen, so the spread of CoVID-19 can be stopped! 

The reports can be found in English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, French & Romanian.

You can find the videos on YouTube. Further information can be found on the Website of the SMP.

The kompass Podcast!

The time has come! Our first podcast episode is online! Our first topic: exam period! Two of our students talk about their experiences and tips. In this episode we also interviewed a learning coach from the Studierwerkstatt. He will also give you some helpful tips on how to get through the exam period! If you have any further questions for the learning coaches, please do not hesitate to contact them. 

Feel free to share our podcast with your friends and fellow students! You can find the podcast on Spotify, on Anchor, on Breaker, on Pocket Casts and Radio Public
Have fun listening! 

Podcast Selfmanagement for internationale students in Corona times

Podcast of the Psychological Counselling Center

The Psychological Counselling Center has released the English podcast "Self management for International Students in Corona Times." So if you're feeling overwhelmed and need some tips to better handle the whole situation, be sure to listen in!!

In this podcast, the Psychological Counseling Center wants to give international students some ideas on strategies for self-management and psychological well-being in Corona times.

In the 1st episode, some tips for a good work structure and a healthy work-life balance are given.

Episode 2 will talk about the difficulty of having unrealistically high expectations of yourself and how to deal with it.

The 3rd episode focus on stress management and ways to learn to relax.

The 4th episode deals with experiencing a crisis and ways to deal with it.

You can find the podcast on the website of the Studierendenwerk.


Information for students - Corona

Here you can find some information for students about your studies, exams, deadlines etc. during Corona. For example, you can extend your deadlines for the bachelor or master thesis and submit them online. The general Corona website of the University of Bremen can be found here.

The official Corona website of the International Office with all information (entry, quarantine, financial support etc.) for international students and researchers can be found here.

Refund of the semester ticket fee

Hardship cases - Refund of the semester ticket fee

Students who are eligible to apply can now apply at the AStA for a refund of their semester ticket fee. All further important information and the application form can be found here under “Hardship cases” (english version below!).

Important: They can only approve applications as long as these funds are sufficient, there is no legal claim to reimbursement!

Please read all information carefully!

Interim financial aid

Interim financial aid funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Students who can prove that they are in acute distress due to the corona pandemic can apply for interim aid from November 2020 to March 2021.

Find more information and the application (from 20th of November) here.

Also more information can be found here


Listen to the new kompass podcast!




Pocket Casts

Radio Public

Creative Thursday

We meet every Thursday evening from 7 to 9 pm and get creative together! Anybody can join, no need for registration. 
Every week we will do something new from workshops, crafting, sewing, online gaming, to movie and quiz nights and much more! 
The first event is on May 13, so save the date! 
See you next Thursday!

Zoom-Meeting beitreten 

Meeting-ID: 931 4812 2623
Kenncode: 0c8Cpr

About kompass

kompass is a team in the International Office at the University of Bremen that carries out international and intercultural projects. Our programs and events bring foreign and German students together. We provide orientation, broaden horizons, highlight points in common, and build bridges for your professional future. Friendly, welcoming, and open for all!