History & Press

Statutes of KRAM (2000-2019) in German

25 years of KRAM - a strong voice for the academic staff (June 2019) article in German

XI. KRAM constitution & election of spokespersons 2017 in German
(article in BUS 148, Nov 2017)

Orbituary for KRAM founding member Mr. Joachim Schalthöfer 2017 in German

About KRAM work, in German: "Support and living of the goal of acting socially sustainably within the university" (article in the sustainability report of the University of Bremen 2011-2015)

"What is it that university lecturers do?"
(KRAM launched article in German about the role of university lecturers in BUS 136, Okt 2014)

"We need to do our stuff (Kram) by ourselves"
(article in German about KRAM work in BUS 136, Okt 2014)

"We do our stuff (KRAM) ourselves"
(article in German about KRAM work in BUS 133, Jan 2014)

"Existence of academic employees in university everyday life"
(article in the Germin language in BUS 37, Seite 11, Dezember 1995)
This was the first press article after the establishment of KRAM in the summer term 1994.


Dr. Sylke Meyerhuber (chair- & spokesperson)
Email: kramprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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