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KRAM elections

Ein Stimmzettel für den Kollegiums-Rat der KRAM.

Postal election of KRAM

For two years, candidates from – if possible all – faculties and central-scientific units are elected by postal vote to become members of KRAM for the next two years. Next elections are held in 2021.

Nominations are welcome from March-Mai biannually and in written form for each faculty or central scientific unit. Colleagues are welcome to apply for candidacy and to discuss with us in the bimonthly KRAM meeting. Here the example of the nomination declaration form for the XII. KRAM: Election 2019 candidate signature

All academic employees are invited in the election week to take part in this postal votes for the next KRAM. This is an important backbone for the work of KRAM members! In 2019, from 17th-21st of June elections took place. Warm thanks to all who participated!

This is how the election goes: Print out the ballot paper, election legitimation sheet and, if need be, KAM membership declaration. Take 2 envelopes and a pen. Make a cross on the ballot paper for 1 candidate, put it in envelop 1 and close it. Fill in the legitimation sheet and, if not already a member, the KAM membership declaration, and put both in envelope 2. Place envelop 1 also in envelop 2 and close it.

Your vote is sent to KRAM c/o Dr. S. Meyerhuber, artec Forschungszentrum Nachhaltigkeit, Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 7 –  SFG 3310,  im Hause
Send your vote on its way until the last day of the elections, via house mail or directly into the letter box ground floor of the building SFG. Thank you!

The XII. KRAM's constituent assembly took place on Mondy 1st of July 2019, including elections of KRAM-chairpersons for the period 2019-2021. Please note that in all KRAM meetings,  participating guests are always welcome – as warrented or on a continuous basis.

Open KRAM list for the Academic Senate

KRAM itself is elected by postal vote  in concert with the other board elections, taking place biennial. In the same time period, academic employees elect their representatives for the  academic senate (AS) with their balot paper at the urns in all main buildings during the elections week. Accordingly, it can be confusing to be asked to tick two times for KRAM.
Nevertheless, it is quite easy: For AS elections, a person from the open list KRAM can be electetd, in a list-connection with the list Bio-Geo-Chem (FBs 2+5+Marum). This is historically grown and based on the KRAM idea that also for the AS a list with representatives from all faculties (FBs) and zentral-scientific units (ZWEs) desirable: is a subject matter discussed in the AS which concerns a specific faculty or work unit,  the academic empolyee from the list who represents this best can be seated at the table, while the firstly elected member from the list leaves the room. The proceedere allows to include academic employees in a colleagual, fair and democratic manner (instead of competition); interests can be representated the best posible  (elected as AS member or as AS-successor member). This proven method in a colleagual and communicative setting is as useful as it is reasonable. Thusly, KRAM feels that democratic opinion-forming and desision-making is supported best .

Election of the XII. KRAM in June 2019 – results

25 years of KRAM in June 2019!

Members of the XII. KRAM are (name, departement or research facility, further role in a board)

Dr. Sylke Meyerhuber artec
Dr. Mark Weber FB 1
Dr. Enno Lork  FB 2, AS
Dr. Ronald Stöver FB 3
Ralf E. Streibl  FB 3, PR, AS
Tobias Pinkel  FB 6
Denis Pijetkovic FB 7
Michael Thiele FB 8, AS
Dr. Susanne Gläß FB 9, AS

Participation of KAM-members in the election (similar to other board elections) 13,5%.
Warm thanks to all who made the XIIth KRAM possible by granting us your vote! 

The XIIth KRAM's first meeting took place Monday 1st of July, with the re-election of  Dr. Sylke Meyerhuber and Dr. Enno Lork as chairpersons of the council. Congratulations!



Dr. Sylke Meyerhuber (chair- & spokesperson)
Email: kramprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

How you can participate:


Board elections at the University of Bremen

Academic employees elect their representatives for boards of academic self-government:

  • Academic Senate (AS, all academic employees) and the faculty boards (FBR, candidates from within the faculty).
  • Parallel, KRAM elections take place by postal vote (=> all KAM members, candidates from all FBs & ZWEs appreciated).