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Invite KRAM members into a meeting of academic employees in your faculty!

KRAM members visit academic employees in their faculty or course of study respectively central-scientific unit (ZWE) on request. Good experiences have been gathered with a practice to invite KRAM members into a general meeting within a faculty or unit. Additionally they are happy to be invited into other suitable meetings.

Networking amongst themselves as well as the recognition of structural issues becomes possible based on collegial exchange of experiences and thoughts. On a university-wide level, KRAM provides such a platform.

On the level of a course of study or a faculty (several courses/fields) KRAM recommends that the academic employees elected into the faculty council (Fachbereichsrat FBR) by their peers take on their responsibility to invite all academic employees of their unit (the group who elected them) into a general meeting at least once each term. In some faculties, a long standing tradition, while in others a culture of participation and exchange of thoughts must be established still. KRAM recommends to take on the task of establishing a democratic culture of discourse.

For counsel about how to do this contact KRAM.
Into the general assembly of academic employees in your faculty or unit a KRAM member can be invited by you!

There, KRAM members can ...

  • explain to participating academic employees KAM & KRAM
  • report on present subject matters and developments
  • answer queries of colleagues or carry them into other boards
  • pick up the ideas of colleagues from this faculty and/or pass them on to the right person
  • campaign for KAM membership or becoming active in KRAM

How to do this: simply send an e-mail for the arrangement of an appointment: