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Surveys at the workplace

2018: survey among all employees of the University of Bremen

A university management has the lawful obligation (Arbeitsschutzverordnung) to evaluate physiological and psychological risks at the workplace. Based on this, suitable measures have to be taken. Supported by a team of health experts (Bielefeld, Prof. Badura), at the 1st Febr. 2018 an online survey among all the employees of the University of Bremen was started. KRAM was asking academic employees to partake in this survey about their own work situation, since based on the answers, suitable measures in support of strengthening a good resource management and in adverting of risks are to be taken next.

The survey from 2018 is done. In the 2019, results must be published and measures must be defined. For the current status, see: Beschäftigtenbefragung 2018.

Based on results from the survey, first measures were negotiated between university management and staff council representatives, expected to be in planning and implementation: analysis workshops in faculties, concept for personnel development including a brick stone of health oriented leadership, organising of economic work equipment, animated breaks at the workplace, mobile massage tools for self administering in case of physical problems in the region of neck and shoulder.

Since the survey from 2009/10 was a while ago, and due to the fact that things changed since then, a new and realistic database is important. KRAM advocates open discussions of results and a meaningful planning of measures.

2009/10: survey among academic employees about their work situation

In 2009/10, KRAM, staff council representatives, and the central equal opportunities officer convinced the university management to initiate a survey among all academic employees. The goal was to acquire data about the work situation including load moments and vulnerabilities. The survey was comprised of quantitative questionnaire in phase 1 and in addition and in depth qualitative part in phase 2. Over 50% of the academic personnel took part in this survey. Meaningful results on the stress and strains of academic employees were released by the conducting institute in two documents.

Based on the results, the named involved parties and university management developed measures in answer to obvious problems (see above: phase 2, page 17ff). Some of the results which are visible today: data projectors in most of the seminar rooms, a 3-month lending period for books from the university library for academic employees (not only for professors), annual staff appraisal as a cornerstone of an acknowledging leadership culture, informative welcome workshops for newly employed academic employees, specific personnel development seminars for academic employees.