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Welcome workshops for academic employees with new contracts

At least two times per year, a workshop is offered to all academic employees who got their work contract since the last workshop took place. Rectorate, KRAM, staff council representatives, and others are involved content-wise while the organisation & facilitation is conducted by KRAM.

Why a welcome workshop?

A study on the overall situation of academic employees at the University of Bremen conducted in 2009/10 indicated a need for qualified welcome and overall information.  Since then, instead of individual try-and-error, a workshop for upfront orientation about main organisational and interactional aspects at the University of Bremen is offered in support of your good start into the job.

What happens in a welcome workshop?

Members of the university management, medical and social councillors, staff council and of course KRAM representatives are present. They explain what they can offer and when to contact them. Reflectively, chances and risks of taking on the (new) role as academic employee are explored in more detail. After lunch, a member of media & press invites you for a walk of the campus while listening to never heard history and anecdotes (can be arranged in English when requested at least 4 weeks before the workshop).
In the afternoon, many good advice for everyday life on the campus is presented: where do I get something I need in my office, what do I need to do in case of a journey regarding my work, what is the job-ticket and how do I get it, who do I inform if I fall ill, how do I address somebody in a letter, who can help in case of a conflict (detailed schedule see further down).

Upcoming welcome workshop

The 24th welcome workshop takes place on Wednesday, 22nd of April 2020.

Invitation for the 24th welcome workshop.

Programme of the 24th welcome workshop.

 Enter the registration form and apply now.

Contact/inquriry via kram-workshopprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

In case of an upfront recognizable interest, the press-office will also offer two guided tours over the campus: one in German and one in English. To make this possible, let us know at least 1 month ahead that two tours shall be organised, email to: kram-workshopprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de Thank you!

Service of KRAM: pre-workshop in English

Academic employees at the University of Bremen who speak very little or no German are offered (2 days before the actual welcome workshop) an English short introduction into main topics of the workshop. Additionally, this is a chance to find your questions answered in a small group.

Based on this pre-workshop, English speaking colleagues are invited to participate in the welcome workshop on Wednesday at least during the first hours, while members of the management of the University and main counselling units present themselves. These presentations will be supported by slides in English; therefore colleagues from abroad should be able to follow.

In conclusion, every Monday from 10-12 a.m. before an upcoming Wednesday-workshop, a short version takes place,as far as an upfront appliance of at least three colleagues is realised! Therefore, interested persons are encouraged to speak with colleagues in a similar situation. Please register reliably at the latest 5 work days before the actual event via e-mail to: meyerhuberprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de