Cooperation with the University of Belgorod

An Exchange Program between the University of Bremen Master´s in Transcultural Studies and the University of Belgorod Master´s in Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication has been up and running since 2009.  

The exchange is primarily geared to first-year MATS students with the aim of providing first-hand experience of transculturality in practical contexts while also giving an impetus for research specializations in transculturality.     

The one-week stay at the University of Belgorod will allow you to develop deeper insights into methods and work techniques used in the field through study-relevant exercises. You will also get to carry out various practical fieldwork assignments together with Russian students in both Belgorod and Bremen.   

The excursion to the University of Belgorod is part of a intensive course with annually rotating main subject areas. The exchange (incoming – outgoing) usually takes place in May. The course can be counted towards Modules 8,9,10: Electives: Research Fields of Transculturality

Since a couple of years this course has been organized as a transdisciplinary offering in conjunction with FB 10 (MA in Transnational Literatures). The excursion (which has a limited number of places) is funded by the DAAD-Program Ostpartnerschaften [East European Partnerships]. Further details will be available at the beginning of each Winter Semester.

wissenschaftliche Beratung
Dr. Oliver Hinkelbein
Tel: +49 (0)421 218- 67613
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Organisation und Koordination
Fritz Frey
Tel: +49 (0)421 218-67520


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