In/Visible - University of Bremen

50 Years of the University of Bremen

The film series In/Visible portrays people and places at the University of Bremen that tend to remain invisible in everyday university life. The films open up unusual and surprising perspectives on the University of Bremen. Research, filming and editing were carried out by students of the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research as part of a seminar. In October 2021, the films were presented to the public in Bremen during the anniversary celebrations as part of Campus City in Kino City 46. The films were made as part of the seminar 'In/Visible - University of Bremen' at the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research. The seminar was funded by the project fund “50 Years of the University of Bremen”.

Seminar: Dr. Martin Gruber.
Film supervision by Leon Čolić.


Chores of Creativity

Beside those doors to endless lecture rooms in the corridors of the University of Bremen, there are other doors which lead you to creativity. Places like a photographic laboratory, a bicycle workshop or a piano allow people of daily university life to enter creative processes beyond theoretical knowledge production. Those places also transport an autonomous, student-organized and political spirit, that since the emergence of the University of Bremen is part of it’s character. In this film you meet students who keep those places alive, tell stories of their development and are exerted about creating spaces for balance, art or support as so to create a student- and utopia-orientated university.

Production: Shajana Reuter, Luzie Gliese, Janna Weseloh

Year: 2021

Duration: 14 min


It is high time

It is high time that we change something and move our nature into the focus. The film deals with the project CampusGoesBiodiverse, which tries to increase biodiversity at the University of Bremen. In the film, members of the project group present their measures and how biodiversity can be measured.

Production: Nina Gunstmann

Year: 2021

Duration: 9 min

Uncle Walter and the world’s best fish sandwiches

The short film introduces the Onkel Walter kiosk at the University of Bremen. There is a glimpse behind the scenes of the legendary kiosk. The team introduces itself and tells about how it came about and how they got to the university kiosk. Not only some stories are told, but the student’s favorite product is also chosen.

Production: Greta Hellmann, Stella Balschuweit

Year: 2021

Duration: 9 min

From the Past to Present: Favourite Places on Campus

What has changed in 50 years of studying at the University of Bremen? We meet University of Bremen Alumni from different generations at their favourite places on campus to ask the questions: Where did they love to spend their time and which stories are connected to their favourite places? Together we reminisce in memories and marvel at how much the University has changed over 50 years. Join us in our journey through the Universities lived (hi-)stories.

Production: Anja Binkofski, Lea Hasselbusch, Hannah-Sophie Eylers

Year: 2021

Duration: 18 min

Bremen Brutalism

This short documentation gives insights on the architecture and building process of the University of Bremen. As a former professor for architecture Dr. Eberhard Syring explains the history of the campus and shows how it has changed. Dipl. Ing. Jan Störmer is the architect for several buildings at the University including the central area / Glass Hall. He tells about his perspective on architecture and his finished buildings. 

Production: Leon Čolić 

Year: 2021

Duration: 13 min