Research Projects

Academic staff and students at the IfEK carry out research projects in a transculturally oriented and empirical Cultural Research tradition. Our work is conceptually orientedto an understanding of cultures in the plural and as “whole ways of life”. It is also closely connected to Ethnography in methods terms, to participant observation and collaborative research, and other qualitative research methods. Research is pursued in a multidisciplinary Cultural Research optic with a clear Social and Cultural Anthropology component. IfEK staff have been developing new forms of research in the framework of collaborative projects such as: Bremen Nature Cultures Lab (BNCL),the Bremen Institute of Anthropology and Cultural Research (bik) and, jointly with scholars from other  humanities and social science disciplines for the research platform WoC – Worlds of Contradiction. The IfEK is currently preparing contributions to three projects planned for 2020: the Gröpelingen Research Laboratory, the Network Institute for Research on Social  Cohesion FGZ and (3) the Leibniz Digital Public Health Campus.

The following research projects have been conducted under the auspices of the IfEK:

Third party-funded Projects

Post-doctoral [Habilitation]research and other research projects

Associated research projects and groups

Past Research Projects