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The Science Pathway

© Yaşar Wentz

The science pathway teaches basic content, methods and tools used in Social and Cultural Anthropology, as well as in Communication and Media Studies. These also represent highly sought after core skills beyond the confines of academia.

Students familiarize themselves with varioussub-disciplines and current fields in Cultural Research and get a chance to test out qualitative methods of cultural research through independent projects. They gain exposure to leading-edge research, both theoretically and in a research-based learning optic.  Fields covered include: migration and forced exile, urban change, cultural and religious diversity, digitalization, the environment and technology, postcolonial memorial culture, film and media, and much more. The course trains students to critically confrontsocial and cultural phenomena / conflicts in the context of (historical and contemporary) sociopolitical developments. The cultural-research-based approach to everyday life processesencouragesa shift in perspective. Students get to focus on social and cultural practices and current discourse, while exploring prevalent modes of argumentation and stereotypes. Students’ own research projects allow them to sharpen their academic skills and to acquire solid methods-based knowledge and written and verbal presentation skills. Course graduates are thus perfectly primed for a Master‘s Program and a career in academic research.